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Monday, January 31, 2005


  How Important Is The Father/Daughter Connection?

(UPDATE: I have today's post in the hopper and ready to go. But your comments on this post have had me on an emotional rollercoaster all morning, opening my eyes to experiences that are touching, gut-wrenching, hopeful and inspiring. Since I put this post up late yesterday afternoon, I will leave it up a couple more hours this morning and then will publish my post on "Guy Friends". Thanks SO much for sharing your wonderful stories with me. The more I get to know you all, the more I appreciate how blessed I am to know you...)

I have been busy taking care of a VERY sick child (yes, this is the 7th school day in a row that I have had at least one sick child at home with me. At this rate, we may as well hire a full-time nurse...) AND trying to get ready to leave for five days and haven't had time to post anything today--until now. I was prompted to write after reading KJ's contribution to "Tall Poppy Days" later in the week. All of the stories are SO fabulous, I can hardly wait for you all to have a chance to peruse them. But KJ very casually struck on something in her post that I just HAD to get your thoughts on it.

She says as an aside in her story, "I suppose my Dad was more progressive than most men at the time, and he helped out with our rearing as much as she did. We never really had babysitters, as my Dad would get us off to school, and my Mom would get home as our bus was pulling up."

This passage struck a chord that I have heard from so many Tall Poppies--that their fathers played a VERY important role in their lives. He didn't just provide for the family and show up for dinner. He was a caregiver. He supported his children emotionally. And he supported the mother as well. I have heard from other Tall Poppies that, though their fathers were out of the picture, there was a VERY strong, loving father figure in their life who showed up for recitals and ballgames and let them know how spectacular he thought they were.

So many times, it seems that women who lose their way--who become angry, bitter teen-agers and adults--lack that "unconditional love" connection with an adult male early in life. I have friends who tell me that their lack of a close relationship with their father haunts them in ALL of their relationships. They lack confidence and suffer from low self-esteem because their fathers never taught them that they were "worthy". Their mothers could tell them and show them how special and beloved they were, but her love never filled the hole left by the absent or emotionally-distant father. They never felt "worthy" of a man's time and attention because their father had seemingly never felt that they were worthy. And on...and on.

I was so blessed to have a father who showed up for EVERY dance recital; who served as PTA President three different times; who drove me two hours each way and sat around alone in Florence, AL for hours while I went on dates with my long-distance high school sweetheart, etc., etc. I grew up knowing that I was WORTH something. As a result, I wasn't promiscuous. I didn't drink (even though all of my friends did). I didn't smoke or do drugs (even though most of my friends did those things, too). I never wanted to disappoint my parents. And I wanted to stay out of trouble.

As much as my mother worshipped the ground I walked on (it's true. She did.), I honestly think that it may have been my father who had the greater influence over the person I became. So, I'd love to know...Do you have any thoughts on the Father/Daughter connection? And who was the greatest influence in YOUR life? (jumping in later to add...) And do you think that the father-figure/daughter connection is a make or break situation (as in "You need to have a strong, loving relationship with a father-figure as a child or you suffer"), or are some people just "programmed" to be more resilient and strong than others are when the Father/Daughter connection is weak?

Sunday, January 30, 2005


  Disjointed, But Oh-So-Fascinating, Sunday Notes

(NEWS FLASH--IT'S OFFICIAL! A ROYAL WEDDING! Don't you just LOVE those... Congrats, PsychoPoppies! And Best Wishes, Scarlet Poppy! Please note that this announcement makes #6 on our list TOTALLY obsolete. And now, on with the regularly scheduled programming already in progress...)

1. Woo Hoo! Congrats to Dooce, Jay, Melissa and other bloggers mentioned in THIS New York Times story on "Parent Bloggers". There's a precious picture of Leta. And in true Zero Boss fashion, Jay even got a plug in for his manuscript. Jay? You ARE good....

2. Don't forget to send me either your "Tall Poppy Snippets", the links to previously posted Tall Poppy stories, or a blurb about the Tall Poppy post that you will be posting on your site on Friday. You can find all of the details here. I need to receive these by midnight tonight so that I can prepare my posts featuring YOU before I leave Wednesday morning. Thanks!

3. The Christmas tree is still up, but the ornaments have now made it to the dining room table. Aussie Poppy (and anyone else who likes to examine Christmas ornaments without those pesky pine needles getting in the way), please feel free to peruse them at your leisure. Though, as is true every year, it is my hope that their appearance on the dining room table will be a limited engagement. Will keep you informed of this year's closing date.

4. Yesterday I made a trip to our downtown, separate-but-connected shopping malls (GASP!!! Have I mentioned before how much I HATE malls? Yes. I thought so...) in a mad search for the perfect boots to wear with my taupe suede skirt and my black suede top at one of the casual gatherings at My Best Friend's Wedding. I had originally thought about buying black suede boots. But when I found these all-leather boots (reg. price $105) on sale at Meier and Frank for 39.99--well, that was that. (I don't do "plastic"--unless, of course, they are SUPPOSED to be plastic.) I also bought a similar pair in brown that were on sale for $26.99. If you're still in the market for boots, I'd say Meier and Frank might be a good place to start....

5. This story from the New York Times on curing winter skin woes is SUCH welcome news in my boudoir today. As I get my skin in shape for my trip to Florida in three days, I have become PAINFULLY aware that I have been less than generous with the skincare this horrid season in The Dry and Frozen Tundra. Here are a few of my favorite snippets of fabulous advice:

"Of all Arctic weather afflictions parched, flaky skin is by far the most widespread. Dr. Boni E. Elewski, president of the American Academy of Dermatology and a professor of dermatology at the University of Alabama in Birmingham, blamed a combination of three factors: outdoor cold, the dryness of heated indoor air and the low levels of humidity, which together deprive skin of its moisture. To ease the condition, she suggested washing with warm water, rather than hot; adding baking soda or oatmeal to bath water to soothe itchiness; using mild soaps like Dove or Neutrogena; applying moisturizer while skin is still damp; and sleeping with a humidifier on.

"My skin feels shriveled like a prune," said Linda Wells, the editor of Allure, the beauty magazine. "It's a challenging time." For Ms. Wells, who has almost limitless access to skin products in her job, the drugstore brands are what she has come to rely on: "I use Nivea hand cream and Neutrogena lip balm and a lot of moisurizer, so I'm embalmed before bed." She also uses Oil of Olay body wash instead of soap. "It might not be the chicest, but it holds the water right to your skin."

Diane Higgins, a New York facialist, offered an equally no-frills beauty boost that she applies before parties: the "honey pat." She warms a teaspoon of ordinary honey on her fingers and applies it all over her face, tapping it to stimulate circulation and loosen congested pores. Once it's sticky, she leaves it on for 10 minutes, then washes her face with tepid water. "The honey is a natural lactic acid," she explained. "It hydrates, breaks down dead skin cells and gives a great glow, a pick-me-up."

And that loofah that I bought a year ago that's still in the wrapper? Yep...it is SOOO coming out today....

6. And finally...for a couple of months, OP and I have been keeping a secret. It's delicious. One that will bring warmth and joy to the hearts of hundreds--at least. It is my hope that, since he and I have been doing a better job at keeping the secret than those involved whom shall not be named, that we will soon be given the TWO thumbs up to celebrate publicly with all of our friends. Ummm...Hello... People... Are we there yet? To be continued....

Saturday, January 29, 2005


  OK...Fess Up...Which One Are You?

I don't USUALLY post silly little online quizzes, even if I take them (What? Of COURSE I don't take them.... ... much...) BUT I took this SATC quiz with the intent of solving one of life's great mysteries--Am I more Charlotte? Or am I more Carrie? Most of my friends say, "Carrie, Carrie, Carrie, Carrie, Carrie". But on the HBO feature's that they produced to celebrate SATC in their final season, they made fun of people who thought they were "Carrie". So I didn't WANT it to be true. My friend, Charanda and I just call me "Charrie" so that we don't have to choose just ONE. Just in case we're wrong. Or just in case someone tries to make fun of us....

However, while perusing Sunshine Poppy's wedding pictures, I came across this test. (Huh? I don't know why it was in with her wedding pictures!... It just was.) And I had to take it. And I know that YOU'LL have to, too. I was CERTAIN that as soon as I chose "chocolate" over "shoes" (I'm sorry people--chocolate vs. shoes? I'll almost ALWAYS take the chocolate) I would become "Charlotte". But, alas...
You are Carrie.
Congratulations! You are Carrie.
Which Sex and the City Character Are You?
brought to you by

So come on people...take the quiz and fess up. You too, OP. Trust me, it's like a HUGE weight being lifted off of your shoulders knowing once and for all WHO you REALLY are....

Friday, January 28, 2005


  My Best Friend's Wedding Update...And Great Boots!

How's THAT for a combo...So first, the wedding update. So you thought I had figured out what to do about the gift yesterday afternoon, right? Well, so did I. But unfortunately, so did someone else who evidently had the same brilliant idea that I had about the W-S basket. When I got over to the "Purchase Items" page, someone else had just purchased MY items! All of them! I couldn't believe it.

This, of course threw me for a stem-winding loop. I had to start over from scratch. And after many agonizing hours searching WHAT WAS LEFT of the bridal registries and the Tiffany's catalog, I was still basically back where I had started earlier in the afternoon. And at 1 am, I gave up and went to bed...

This morning I got a surprise call from The Bride (who, prior to this morning, I had spoken to twice--EVER! Once when we met this summer, and once yesterday when I called her about "wedding stuff" that I suspected My Best Friend might not be remembering to pass along. I was right--he hadn't). She had been able to secure a room at the wonderful Eo Inn for me (where I had wanted to stay, but at $150/night, I KNEW Hubby would have a coronary) for $69/night! Her company manages the property, and she talked them into giving me a King Deluxe Room with a balcony overlooking Lake Eo for less than the price of a room at Days Inn. Yep. I'm thinkin' she and I may be best friends, yet.

And while things were going so well on the phone, I just cut to the chase. I told her that I had planned on giving them something from a store that they had not registered with. However, they had so many nice things on their registry that I thought they might prefer that I would give them something from there. So I asked her if there were things on their registries that they were REALLY hoping to receive. She replied, "The thing that would mean most to us would be something that YOU chose yourself. We've lived on our own for a long time and we aren't really in NEED of anything. But lots of people prefer to buy from a registry, so we gave them a few choices. But I know that what ever you choose for us, we'll love." Just like the movie, right? Yeah. AND she's a sweet blonde, just like Cameron Diaz....

So we talked about the kind of entertaining they do, and what sorts of "themes" run through their china patterns. After talking to her, I have chosen to give them the Williams-Sonoma Salad Scissors and Rolling Mincer that they registered for (along with a salad dressing cookbook and a dressing cruet that the salesman talked me into), and the Tiffany's Bamboo Salad Bowl and Vegetable Bowl that I was leaning toward yesterday. I think that these bowls work with their Deruta earthenware and with their china. AND, there is now a Tiffany's in Orlando, so they can switch them easily to another design if they choose. So, with the the sets of pillowcases that I've already monogrammed for them, I think the gift issue is taken care of.

And now that y'all have helped ME solve MY Dilemma of the Day, I'm gonna help you out with yours...like finding an updated and practical solution to your "What to Wear In THIS Weather" dilemma... Not much of a leap! Moving from my big Dilemma to yours...

Photographs by Tony Cenicola/The New York Times: Click to enlarge

Here in the Tundra, snow boots are a necessary piece in every woman's wardrobe. However, that's not usually the case in other regions of the country. If this year's slushy weather has taken YOU by surprise, it's not too late to find stylish boots to keep your feet dry--AND your style quotient rising. Check out these boots from an article by Ellen Tien in the January 23 New York Times Style section. And you don't have to break your budget. At this time of the year, you can find similar styles deeply discounted at your local retailers...

1. Purple boots from Marc Jacobs have a sturdy rubber heel and a drawstring to pull them tight against the rain; $110 at Saks Fifth Avenue.
2. Light brown Timberland boots in waterproof suede have a cotton lining and the mod look of Hogan at a third the price; $120 at Lady Foot Locker stores.
3. Tamara Henriques has recast the wellie as a kitten-heeled boot in springy pink plaid; $118 at Olive & Bette's in New York (646) 613-8772.
4. Waterproof leather boots have wraparound laces, a fleece lining and rubber bottoms with a slight heel; $198 at
5. A shearling version of seven-league boots, these have rubber soles and a water-resistant finish that will stand up to puddles; $425 at DKNY stores.
6. Floral-pattern garden boots by Tamara Henriques work just as well on city streets; $118 at
7. Nubuck hunter boots are supple yet sturdy enough to slog through melting snow, with a water-resistant coating and rubber soles; $625 at Jimmy Choo boutiques.
8. Rubber ankle boots by Orla Kiely have a coffee-cup graphic and a warm, fuzzy lining; $74 at Gatsbys in Great Barrington, Mass., (413) 528-9455.
9. Orange patent-leather zip-up boots by Bogner offer eye-popping style and pebbled rubber soles for traction; $498 at
http://www.searlenyc.com/. (I wear these, but in black--AND I got them on clearance for $79).
10. Waterproof "hair calf" boots by Diabolezza have a pony-skinlike exterior, a fleece lining and rubber treads; $398 at www.searlenyc.com.ted to share this collection from The New York Times

(Note: Don't forget to check out the post below about submitting your Tall Poppy stories and snippets so I can link to you next week. I need to receive them by e-mail by Sunday. THANKS! )

Thursday, January 27, 2005


  Quick Poll--Tiffany's or "Other"

(UPDATE: Thank you SOOO much for your quick responses to this post. I was truly inspired by what EACH of you said. So after reading your comments, talking to my parents (who were also set on giving a Tiffany's gift), and calling the help line at Williams-Sonoma, I have settled on the following resolution: We will give them two gifts--jointly. (As in "Best Wishes and Much Love Always, Mr. and Mrs. Best Friend and Mr. and Mrs. Second Parents.) The first will be an "everyday" gift--a Williams-Sonoma gift basket filled with seven items from their registry. The second will be an as-yet-undecided medium selection from Tiffany's--I have it narrowed down to four items that are similar to things they have registered for elsewhere, and I guess I will now just play eenie-meenie-miney-mo. I think that will make them BOTH happy (since I know that my sweet friend would LOVE for his bride to get a surprise from Tiffany's--he's fabulous that way. And I'm sure she would love to have some wonderful, new W-S gadgets in her kitchen). So THANK YOU for helping me figure out how to handle this "sticky wicket". I couldn't have done it without you...)

(Note: If you're just tuning in, don't miss the post below this one...)

OK, I really need your advice! PRONTO! You see, to me nothing says wedding like a blue box from Tiffany's. As you know, My Best Friend of more than 20 years is getting married next week. I am trying to decide on his gift. Now, he is basically my parent's third son, so they want to get in on the act as well. So here's the thing: I am monogramming Irish Linen pillowcases for them. THEN I want to get them something else, as do my parents. So... do we:

1) Get them one BIG gift or two medium gifts from Tiffany's (because there are no SMALL gifts at Tiffany's)
2) One medium gift from Tiffany's and one gift from their actual bridal registry
3) Two gifts or one BIG gift from their bridal registry.

There are LOTS of things that they have registered for that haven't been bought yet. And I know they'd love to get things from their registry. But I am SUCH a fan of Tiffany's for really special occasions. I have studied their registries and have a fairly good idea of what their tastes are. So which should I do? Please myself and go with Tiffany's (which, of course, I THINK would also please them...) or get them what they've specifically asked for?

(Thought I should add...He is 39. She is 32. Both are professionals who have lived away from home for years, and they will be moving into his wonderful home in Orlando. So they aren't JUST starting out...but they did register for lots of things that I'm sure they'd love to have...)


  Calling All Poppies...We Need You!

As you know if you read Tall Poppy Diaries regularly, "My Best Friend's Wedding" is next weekend in Florida--which means I will be away for several days. I am REALLY going to try to have a great time. I REALLY am. But, two problems:

1) Hubby can't go, so I have to go as a singleton. HATE that! And as My Best Friend said, "Dahlin', this is the ONE time that I can't be your date." This thing with HIM getting married? It's gonna be SOOO inconvenient.

2) As if figuring out the wardrobe, travel plans and wedding gift aren't stressful enough, I have to figure out what to do about Tall Poppy Diaries while I'm gone, too.

And this is where you say, "Oh! I can help you with that!"
Yes! That was JUST what I wanted to hear. So here's the plan...

I want to hear your Tall Poppy stories. They can be something you've written previously that you think others might be interested in reading. Or they can be new. They can be short snippets. Or they can be longer. But here are the three themes we're workin' with:

1) You Know You're A Tall Poppy When...
2) You Know You're A Weed When...
3) Tall Poppies: Lessons Learned in the Field

For the first, I want your little short snippets about what happens to Tall Poppies in the real world. What sorts of things happen that make you think, "Hey! I think I've just been Weed-whacked."? This will run on Wednesday. And, of course, if I use your submission it will be credited and linked to you.

For the second one, since of course NONE of you are Weeds, you'll have to use your imagination and tell me what you think it's like to be a Weed. And to help those who are still growing and lack finely-tuned radars, what are the tell-tale signs that should clue someone in that the person they're buddying up to is "trouble"? This will run on Thursday, and your submissions will, of course, be credited and linked to you, too.

The last is a chance for you to tell a story about being or recognizing a Tall Poppy. It can be a story you wrote previously (Sam? Cooper? You KNOW what I'm thinkin'...) It can be a new story, as well. This post will run on Friday, but the rules will be a little different... I want you to either write the story and post it on your site on Friday, or send me the link to the applicable story that ran on your site previously. Then, on Friday, I will run short snippets of your story and a link to your site so that my readers can go to YOUR site to find it. Got it? You will post the story on YOUR site--I will just send my readers to you.

To participate, send me your snippets--either for Posts one and two, or a synopsis of your story for Friday along with the appropriate links. E-mail them to either tallpoppydiaries@yahoo.com or my other e-mail that's listed on my profile. I need to receive your submissions by THIS Sunday night--as in January 30th, four days from now. Thanks! And Cheers!

Tuesday, January 25, 2005


  Dear Pink Poppy...And a New Club Song!

As promised, here's a little post answering some actual questions that you have sent to my e-mail in the last week. It's a little segment I'll call "Dear Pink Poppy..."

Dear Pink Poppy,
Why are your comments disappearing?
Well, the COMMENTS aren't disappearing, but the counts on the main page are. And I don't know why. On Friday, there were more than 150 comments. But last time I looked, it said there were 4. So, just know that ALL of my posts have comments, even if it says there were "0".

Dear Pink Poppy,
Have you finished KJ's Blog Thingy YET? Many inquiring minds want to know.
Yes. But I am SOOO scared that I didn't pass! And what EXACTLY was it that you wanted to know?

Dear Pink Poppy,
I just came across The Manolo on your site and I was wondering...That's not THE REAL Manolo, is it?
Yes, it is. It may not be Manolo Blahnik. But it is most DEFINITELY "THE" Manolo.

Dear Pink Poppy,
What do I have to do to be invited to join The Poppy Club?
Well, you have to introduce yourself. (Done.) Then you ought to read "The Lessons" (December 31- January 13) to make sure you REALLY want to join. I mean...it's not just a game, it's a pretty demanding lifestyle! Then, you need to choose a name that really fits your personality/blog ID. Then? Just give me your info and you're in the club.

Dear Pink Poppy,
How did Opiate Poppy copy your blogroll so that his blogroll updates when when you update yours?
Excellent question for which I have NO good answer. But OP is not nearly as intimidating as he seems. He is a blog god. Yes. But he's just SOOO down to earth... I'm certain he won't mind taking a question from an admirer. He's sweet that way....

Dear Pink Poppy,
That was an AWESOME party last weekend. Do you do this EVERY weekend?

Actually, we will celebrate the stars of our blogging community ANYTIME they have been recognized for their splendiferousness--but are too modest and too well-mannered to throw the party for themselves. That's what we're all about. We celebrate the achievements of our fellow bloggers--and we help those who are movin' on up to keep their heads on straight and not get off track. Mean and nasty are SOOO passe'. There are LOTS of VERY nice and very fabulous bloggers out there who get beaten on because they get singled out for recognition--online or otherwise. So, having been there before ourselves, we at The Poppy Club just want them to realize that they DON'T HAVE TO BE ASHAMED OF THEIR SUCCESS. Sure, they don't want to blab about it on their OWN sites. But here, we can celebrate among friends. So whenever it seems appropriate to raise a glass or throw a party for someone who is marvelous, we will do so. But these full weekend gigs? We'll probably just reserve those for the BoB's...."

And finally, I just MUST share this comment from our club chorister, Emerald City Poppy. It is one of the funniest, and most touching moments I have enjoyed on this blog:

"As unofficial chorister (Or am I official chorister? Either is fine with me.) I'd like to thank you for putting together this marvelous shindig and present you with a new song.

And a 1 and a 2 and a 1,2,3...Tall Poppies Together (to the tune of "Happy Together" by the Turtles)

Imagine all of us, it's justa place
within the blogosphere
It's all right here
We learn about new blogs, and grow,and persevere --
Tall Poppies together

If we should comment now
One at a time
We’ll find we’re growing self-aware
And of broad mind
Imagine how the world could be
So very fine
Tall Poppies together

I can see me learning from bloggers like you
For all my life
Each new entryI know I'll find something new
For all my life

Thanks, Pink Poppy!"

No, La Nina...THANK YOU!

Now I'm off for Sushi and a Movie Day with Susan. Cheers!

Monday, January 24, 2005


  Red Carpet Wrap-Up: Part 1

I am still working on getting Sunday's list of celebrities put together and posted, but you can read Friday and Saturday's lists on the correct day's posts, now. And even though my day has been filled with entertaining a sick child and attempting to book a trip to Orlando for "My Best Friend's Wedding" (tears...), I have read each of the comments you have left me. And laughed VERY hard. And enjoyed hearing from EACH AND EVERY one of you. So thanks...

And now, a few administrative notes:

1) Those of you who were on the Red Carpet probably noticed the fabulous Candy Poppy, in her new Miu Miu's that I KNOW The Manolo posted on his site JUST for me. Anyway, Michele has named Candy Poppy as her Site of the Day. So PLEASE be sure to go by Candy Poppy's site and say, "Hello! Michele Sent Me.... Because she did.

2) If you have left me your poppy name, I will put them up tonight and tomorrow. Thanks for joining the club.

3) Several people have told me that they want to join "the club", but that they have no idea what The Poppy Club is. So if you want to know what it is that you're signing up for, you can go back and read the posts from December 31-January 13. You don't necessarily have to BE a Tall Poppy to be in The Poppy Club. But if you're a "Weed" (someone who makes fun of or tears down successful people just because they are jealous of them), it might be an uncomfortable fit...seein' as how you'll be surrounded by those sorts of folks whom you REALLY don't like. I'm just sayin'....

Now, for the wrap-up: First, I just want to say that I have discovered SO MANY awesome people through the Red Carpet Celebration. Some were new Poppy Club members whom I didn't really know before. Others simply came in off the street and WOWED me. I guess when you spend three days together, you get to know one another pretty well. I am going to start posting a few of my favorite, new-to-me bloggers here. I may not finish tonight since I have family "bidness" to attend to. But I'll just pick up where ever I left off in my next post. And trust me... if you see their name here, it'd be worth your time to check out their sites AND their Red Carpet appearances. These are some FUNNY people...

1) The funniest celebrity blogger on the Red Carpet Award HAS to go to both Pill Poppy (Catt) of Does This Mean I'm A Grown-up and Demon Queen of , yes, Demon Queen. Since Catt is the STILL UNOFFICIAL WINNER of the BoB's Most Humorous Blog award, it is to be expected that she would make me laugh until I cried. And she did. But Demon Queen was a surprise. On many levels. She was the first blogger to hit the Red Carpet on Friday Morning. And my initial thought was "OMG! I can NOT go to bed with this woman running loose on my Red Carpet!" Go back and read the comments from Friday--you'll understand my concern. I stayed up until 4 am "getting to know" Demon Queen a bit better. And now, I ADORE that woman. She's now Demon Poppy. She's a Sex Blogger (finalist in that category)--which granted wasn't a favorite genre of mine previously. But I have to tell you...she is a goddess. And a comedian. And has a heart of gold. So, a HUGE round of applause to two of my new favorite playmates--Pill Poppy and Demon Poppy.

2) Next, the comedy of Sugar Poppy of Prepare to Meet Your Bakerina and Musical Poppy of Music and Cats is just a hoot. Sugar Poppy and her skirt made of cookies IMMEDIATELY got my attention. It seemed right off the pages of a Mary Englebreit painting. But Musical Poppy, like Demon Poppy, was REALLY a surprise. And after hearing her sing to her cat over on her site, I had a WHOLE new appreciation for the confidence this woman has. Sugar Poppy and Musical Poppy are a creative comedic team. And when Sugar Poppy (excuse me--I can't even type the sentence without laughing out loud at the memory...) and Musical Poppy cooked and served up, first the cookies, then the cakes, then the pies, and FINALLY the Cock-a-Leekie soup to the Sex Bloggers (complete with the recipe on Sugar Poppy's site, which I THINK Demon Poppy saw when she visited SP's site and built it into her schtick over on the Carpet)? Well, it was just too funny....

3) One of my favorite moments on the Carpet occurred when Opiate Poppy came in to the Red Carpet for the first time on Friday. We had been anxiously awaiting the arrival of The Manolo (you KNOW how Tall Poppies LOVE their SHOES!) and, well, The Manolo just happened to arrive at the WRONG time. Well, any time would have been good had I not made a comment ...well, you'd just have to read it to understand (start where OP comes in on Friday night). But I guess The Manolo forgave me. Because on Saturday, he posted these. I LOVE him!

4) The final site I'll post today is one belonging to a woman who just showed up unexpectedly on the Red Carpet (she OBVIOUSLY heard that there were well-dressed celebrity bloggers on the loose...) and stopped by for a chat. She and her friend write I Am Fashion. And it is SO UTTERLY fabulous. Make sure you check out the shoes. YUMMY! Yes. They will be joining us as "Fashion Poppy". Cool, huh.

Okay, I must dash right now. Will be back late tonight to work on administrative items. Then tomorrow, I am going to answer some of your burning questions that you've sent me via e-mail. Ta Ta For Now!


  It's The Morning After...

Hello, everyone. It's the morning after our big Red Carpet Celebration, and I am one pooped Poppy. But was that not one REALLY FUN party or what! Thanks SO much to the members of The Poppy Club for helping to make the party SUCH a great success. And thanks to all of the Finalists for coming by and greeting your fans. They ADORE you. They really do. We had over 2,000 viewers this weekend which, considering it was the weekend was INCREDIBLE. I want to thank everyone who stopped by.

Throughout the day today, I will be finishing up compiling the list of all of the celebrities and honored guests who came by this weekend. SOOO, why don't you take a moment today, go through the lists that I have finished thusfar (or if you're REALLY brave, you can go through the comments and read the play-by-play) and thank some of your favorite Red Carpet Celebrities to stopping by. 'Kay?

This afternoon, I will be posting:

1) A list of a few of my new favorite sites that were discovered LIVE on the Red Carpet
2) A wrap-up of some of the interesting things that happened behind the scenes this weekend
3) Answers to a few burning questions that viewers have asked via e-mail this weekend.

However, this morning, brings several challenges for me including:

1) One sick child who is home from school and requires pampering
2) One VERY messy house that was horribly neglected during our 3-day Celebration
3) One trip to "My Best Friend's Wedding" in Florida that must be booked--TODAY!
4) One Red Carpet Hostess who MUST be showered--thoroughly.

And, so, I will be scarcely available this morning. Please enjoy the sites of our Club Members and guests in my absence, and I will see you all this afternoon. AND, if you have decided on your Poppy name, and I haven't yet blogrolled you, PLEASE leave your new Poppy ID in the comments for this post. Thanks!

Sunday, January 23, 2005


  It's The Third and Final Day: LIVE and On The Carpet

January 23, 2005--1:07 am Sundance Time:
... at the first annual Poppy Club Celebration honoring the finalists in The First Annual BoB Awards...and The Poppy Club members who founded the BoB's, Genuine Poppy and Zero Poppy (until his daughter gives him a better score...).

Yesterday turned out to be almost as big as Friday--which was a record-setting day. Which, I guess, makes Saturday a record setting day as well. So we're down to the wire. Dozens of celebrity bloggers, Poppy Club members and Esteemed guests have walked the Red Carpet and have gathered in the Foyer and the Ballroom to eat, drink, sleep and cavort (see Saturday's post for a complete list of Friday's guest arrivals). The anticipation is mounting. Which of our favorite celebrity bloggers will drop by today? And will the BoB Award Board of Directors EVER certify the competition results? Let's see, shall we?

In case you're new to the Red Carpet, please feel free to step up to the microphone, introduce yourself to the crowd (and if you're a finalist, PLEASE let us know--this is YOUR party, ya' know...) and tell us who you're with, what you're wearing and who designed it.

The list of celebrity bloggers who walked the Red Carpet on Sunday, January 23 will be posted shortly.

Saturday, January 22, 2005


  It's Day Two LIVE On The Red Carpet...

January 22, 2005--8:29 Sundance Time:
Well, it's day two at the first annual Poppy Club Celebration honoring the finalists in The First Annual BoB Awards...and The Poppy Club members who founded the BoB's, Genuine Poppy and Zero Poppy (until his daughter gives him a better score...).

Yesterday was HUGE! A record number of viewers (over 700) tuned in to meet and greet the fans and their favorite blog celebrities. WOW! Were they spectacular! My trusty staff is busily putting together a list of all of your favorite celebrities who came by on Day One to walk the Great Red Way, and are now gathered eating, drinking and sleeping in the foyer and Ballroom of the Grand Hall, anxiously awaiting the final results of the 2004 Best of Blogs Competition.

Let's go inside and see who walked the way while I was catching up on my beauty rest (Demon Queen kept me up half the night the night before last. Boy, is SHE a wild one...). Then please feel free to step up to the carpet, introduce yourself to the crowd (and if you're a finalist, PLEASE let us know--this is YOUR party, ya' know...) and tell us what you're wearing and who designed it. 'Kay? Well...Let's Get Started!

The following is a list of Celebrity Bloggers who were interviewed on the Red Carpet on Saturday, Jan. 22--in order of their appearances:

Peloponessan Poppy of Fast Eddie's Bullet-Esteemed Poppy Club Member
Chef Poppy of This Mama Cooks - Best Cooking/Recipe Blog Finalist
Prickly Poppy of Hester - Esteemed Poppy Club Board Member
Pill Poppy (Catt) of Does This Mean I'm A Grown Up?-Most Humorous Blog WINNER!
New Bloom of Short and Sweet - Esteemed Poppy Club Member
Opiate Poppy of Muzik's Musings - Best New Blog Finalist, et. al...
Genuine Poppy of Genuine Blog - Co-Creator/Producer of the 2004 BoB Awards
Mamacita of Scheiss Weekly - Best Blog "Promoter" Finalist
Sugar Poppy of Prepare to Meet Your Bakerina - Best Cooking Blog Finalist
Pearly Poppy of Always Victoria - Most Inspirational Blog Finalist
Sunshine Poppy of Girl From Florida - Esteemed Poppy Club Board Member
Sugar Poppy of Prepare to Meet Your Bakerina - Best Cooking Blog Finalist
Square Poppy of One To The Nth Power - Esteemed Poppy Club Member
Bliatz of Bliatz - Best Sex Blog Finalist
Musical Poppy of Music and Cats - Esteemed Poppy Club Member
Square Poppy of One To the Nth Power - Esteemed Poppy Club Member
Bliatz of Bliatz - Best Sex Blog Finalist
Groovy Poppy of Scheiss Weekly- Best Blog "Promoter" Finalist
Diva Poppy of Mile High Diva - Esteemed Poppy Club Board Member
Princess Poppy of Princessr9 - Esteemed Poppy Club Board Member
Square Poppy of One To The Nth Power - Esteemed Poppy Club Member
B. of Randomness - Esteemed Guest
Jennifer of She Walks... - Esteemed Guest
Princess Poppy of Princessr9 - Esteemed Poppy Club Board Member
Pearly Poppy of Always Victoria - Most Inspirational Blog Finalist
B. of Randomness - Esteemed Guest
Getupgrrl of Chez Miscarriage - Best Fertility/Adoption Blog WINNER!
Pill Poppy of Does This Mean I'm A Grown Up - Most Humorous Blog WINNER!
Opiate Poppy of Muzik's Musings - Best New Blog Finalist
Dy of Classic Adventures - Best Homeschool Blog Finalist
Hot Toddy of Hot Toddy's Toaster Oven - Best LGBT Blog WINNER!
Princess Poppy of Princessr9 - Esteemed Poppy Club Board Member
Sugar Poppy of Prepare to Meet Your Bakerina - Best Cooking Blog Finalist
Opiate Poppy of Muzik's Musings - Best New Blog Finalist
Demon Poppy of Demon Queen - Best Sex Blog Finalist
Mommy Poppy of The Mommy Blog - Best Overall Blog Finalist
LOD of Laid Off Dad - Best Daddy Blog WINNER!
Demon Poppy of Demon Queen - Best Sex Blog Finalist
Mommy Poppy of The Mommy Blog - Best Overall Blog Finalist
Bliatz of Bliatz - Best Sex Blog Finalist
Tertia of So Close - Best New Blog WINNER!


  Hello Everyone! And Welcome...

January 21, 2005--Day One: We want to welcome ALL of the finalists. And we extend a special, warm welcome to our Poppy Club Members who were finalists in this years competition:

Aussie Poppy
Barefoot Poppy
Chef Poppy
Groovy Poppy
Magnificent Poppy
Opiate Poppy
Pearly Poppy
Plodding Poppy
Psychotic Writer Poppy
Raving Poppy
Surly Poppy
Scarlet Poppy
(Did I miss anyone? If so, let me know.)

We are pleased and honored to invite the finalists, our esteemed Poppy Club members and all of our guests to walk the Red Carpet and join us for the celebration.

You all look SO fabulous! Now as you walk the Red Carpet, remember: This is your BIG moment in the spotlight. You've seen other Award shows. You know the drill. Just proceed to the comment area and tell us (your adoring fans) what WE want to know:

1) Tell us who you are and, if you were a nominee, tell us what you were nominated for. (Be sure to leave your URL so that we can visit and chat with you there.)

2) We at Tall Poppy Diaries are VERY interested in fashion. Please be a darling and tell us who designed your stunning ensemble. Inquiring minds NEED to know....

3) Feel free to leave messages of congratulations and admiration to other "stars"--and be sure to visit them at their own "tables", as well.

4) So...who's the luscious eye candy on your arm? Please introduce your date, "guest" or mother. Once again...we NEED to know.

5) Feel free to promote your site with reckless abandon. We are a VERY agreeable lot and LOVE discovering new, fun friends. However, just remember that we have very discerning tastes--the more gracious and friendly you are, the more fun we'll all have.

The Red Carpet will open at midnight EST tonight (Thursday/Friday) and close on Sunday night (or whenever the party ends...) So grab a drink, put on your most effervescent smile and greet your fans....

Update #1: It's just after Noon, Sundance Time, and WOW! What a party. Almost 400 "viewers" since the Red Carpet opened at midnight--And the party's just getting started! So go ahead, introduce yourself, strut the Great Red Way, and welcome our viewers to stop by your "table". Cheers!

Update #2: It's almost 5 pm, Sundance Time, and we have had over 550 guests at our party so far today! You know, I have read a few rather harsh comments regarding the "meaninglessness" of The BoB Awards. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions about "Blog Awards"--or any awards for that matter. But the fact remains: Awards DO mean something. They signify recognition of talent and public appreciation for a person's work. And that MEANS SOMETHING.

Awards do NOT mean that those who DIDN'T win, or even get nominated, AREN'T worthy of notice. Beauty is always in the eye of the beholder. But just because one person's blog didn't get nominated doesn't mean that another blog that did get the nomination shouldn't have! In my humble opinion...of course.

It fills my heart with joy to see so many wonderful Tall Poppies out there who can enjoy participating in a silly little online show that honors the accomplishments of OTHERS--without hard feelings. Or Jealousy. (except for DemonQueen who was most assuredly covetous of my date(s)...). Fabulous. JUST fabulous. And there are many more celebrities and honored guests yet to greet. So let's go back to the Red Carpet....

Celebrity Guests to The Red Carpet on FRIDAY, January 21, 2005
Demon Queen-Best Sex Blog Finalist
Writer Poppy, aka: Robin Slick - Best New Blog Finalist
Rebeka of Sucking It In-Best Diet/Weight Loss Blog
Popcorn Poppy from Mini-Obs - Esteemed Poppy Club Member
Magnificent Poppy from Magnificent Octopus-Best Literary Blog Finalist
Pill Poppy (Catt) of Does This Mean I'm A Grown Up-Most Humorous Blog WINNER!

Barefoot Poppy from Barefott Princepessa-Best Blog "Promoter" Finalist
Peach Poppy from Every Day Life-Esteemed Poppy Club Member
CarolynM from Guilt-Free Homeschooling-Best Homeschool Blog Finalist
Babbling Poppy from Bundles of Babbles-Best Blog "Promoter" Finalist
Mountain Poppy of Hollywood and Montana: Celebrity Correspondent/Board Member
Java Poppy of The World According To Me - Esteemed Poppy Club Member
Karen of Chookooloonks - Best Fertility/Adoption Blog Finalist
Square Poppy of One To The Nth Power - Esteemed Poppy Club Member
Hoppy Poppy of Bunny Burrow - Esteemed Poppy Club Board Member
Emerald City Poppy of Difficult By Design - Poppy Club Board Member
Plodding Poppy of Fighting Inertia - Best Mommy Blog Finalist
Groovy Poppy of Sheiss Weekly - Best Blog "Promoter" Finalist
Lee of Oh No, The Blog! - Best Daddy Blog Finalist
Carrie of Red Head Princess - Best Fertility/Adoption Blog Finalist
Raving Poppy of For F*ck's Sake - Snarkiest Blog Finalist
Solonor of Solonor's Groovy Grove- Best Blog "Promoter" Finalist
Marie of Practigal - Esteemed Guest
Prickly Poppy of Hester - Poppy Club Board Member
Pearly Poppy of Always Victoria - Most Inspirational Blog Finalist
Demon Queen (with Hugh Grant) - Best Sex Blog Finalist (2nd Appearance)
Popcorn Poppy of Mini-Obs - Poppy Club Member (2nd Appearance)
Pill Poppy (Catt) of Does This Mean I'm A Grown Up - Most Humorous WINNER (2nd Appearance)
Annie of Hollywood and Montana--Celebrity Correspondent - Reporting Live from Julia Robert's Ranch
Precioustee - Esteemed Guest
Opiate Poppy of Muzik's Musings - Best New Blog Finalist/Poppy Club V.P. (with Mrs. Freud, posing as Sig)
Lizzie of This Full House - Best Mommy Blog Finalist
The Manolo of Manolo's Shoe Blog - Best New Blog Finalist
Surly Poppy (Kim) of Relaxed Homeskool - Best Homeschool Blog Finalist
Spiffy (Scarlet Poppy's Imaginary Friend)-Esteemed Honored Guest
Popcorn Poppy of Mini-Obs - Poppy Club Member (3rd Appearance)
Stacie of FaeryCrafty - Best Knitting/Craft Blog Finalist
Sugar Poppy of Prepare To Meet Your Bakerina - Best Cooking Blog Finalist
Musical Poppy of Music and Cats - Esteemed Poppy Club Member
Groovy Poppy of Scheiss Weekly - Best Blog Promoter Finalist-(2nd Appearance)
Aussie Poppy of Aussie Mama - Best New Blog Finalist
Groovy Poppy of Scheiss Weekly - Introducing son, Zappa - (3rd Appearance)
Shannon of Waiting For Nat - Best L/G/B/T Blog Finalist
Fat Dude of Fat Eye For The Skinny Guy - Most Humorous Blog Finalist
Cecily of Wasted Birth Control - Best Fertility/Adoption Blog Finalist
Aussie Poppy of Aussie Mama - Best New Blog Finalist (2nd Appearance)
Kevynn of Fat-Free Milk - Esteemed Guest
Rockchild of Rockchild - Most Humorous Blog Finalist
Scarlet Poppy of Michele Agnew - Best Overall Blog Finalist
Candy Poppy of ClearCandy Daily- Esteemed Poppy Club Board Member
Scarlet Poppy of Michele Agnew - Best Overall Blog Finalis (2nd appearance, etc.)
One of Two Poppies from Been There-Esteemed Poppy Club Board Member
Jennifer of She Walks... - Esteemed Guest and Photographer
Demon Queen - Best Sex Blog Finalist (comes out of the closet...)
Mommy Poppy of The Mommy Blog - Best Overall Blog Finalist
Demon Queen and Mommy Poppy share clam dip and travel through time...

Thursday, January 20, 2005


  You Are Cordially Invited to Join Us Tomorrow...

For our very first Poppy Club Celebration honoring the finalists in The First Annual BoB Awards...and The Poppy Club member who founded the BoB's, Genuine Poppy.

Honorees will include Poppy Club Members:

Aussie Poppy
Barefoot Poppy
Chef Poppy
Genuine Poppy
Groovy Poppy

Magnificent Poppy
Opiate Poppy
Pearly Poppy
Plodding Poppy
Raving Poppy
Scarlet Poppy
(Did I miss anyone? If so, let me know.)
And all of the 2004 Best of Blogs Award Finalists

We are pleased and honored to invite those finalists who are not YET members of The Poppy Club to walk the Red Carpet and join us for the celebration. So please feel free to extend an invitation for them to join us tomorrow. (You will find the lists and links here).

Dress for the occasion will be formal, so break out your finest (Yes, OP, you can wear the powder blue tux with the velvet accents--THIS time. But you don't HAVE to...), have your nails done (Yes, Aussie Poppy, red will be lovely...) and grab your stilletto's (Yes, Scarlet, I think those silver Manolo's of Sig's would be PERFECT!). The Red Carpet will open at midnight EST tonight (Thursday/Friday) and will stay open until Sunday at Midnight. And then, of course, the party is NEVER over until it's over.... There will be a cocktail party in the foyer for all Poppy Club members, BoB's finalists, and guests. A simulcast Yahoo IM after-party will be held following the official announcement of the winners (details to be announced later).

So now, I'd love to know...

1. What will YOU be wearing to our very first Poppy Club BoB's Awards Celebration? (If you have a picture of your choice, please feel free to post links in our comment section)

2. Will you wear one garment on the Red Carpet, and a different one for the awards ceremony?

3. Who will you be your date?

4. Which star blogger are you most hoping to see on the Red Carpet?

Wednesday, January 19, 2005


  Poppy Club Membership Drive HUGE Success

Wow! I am overwhelmed at the response to The Poppy Club! It's unbelievable! And I LOVE the names y'all have come up with. They are just so...so...YOU! I knew that there were LOTS of good people out there who could relate to being a Tall Poppy AND who like to have fun, but I had no idea that so many of you would be willing to "go public". Brave souls, you are.

I want to thank Opiate Poppy (aka: MuzikDude) for his EXCELLENT work in dreaming up and sponsoring the Poppy Club Membership Drive. I also want to thank my darling friend, Scarlet Poppy (aka: Michele), for sending so many new and lovely Poppies into our midst.

As every Tall Poppy knows, when you put forth your best effort on behalf of Others, Others will often reward your magnificence by showering you with "opportunities to serve" that you neither want, need, nor have time for. Therefore, Opiate Poppy and Scarlet Poppy: In recognition of your efforts on behalf of The Poppy Club, I hereby certify you as the Vice Chairmen of the Board for the year 2005. Thank you for all that you do for The Poppy Club and it's members every single day--and keep up the good work.

Your first order of business? Could you please round up the PsychoPoppies and find out why they missed roll call? Yes--notwithstanding any upcoming posts in which they proclaim their disdain for silly online clubs. Thank you. It's going to be delightful serving with you...

Now, tall and trusty members of The Poppy Club--please feel free to refer your friends to join the club, as well. This is YOUR club, after all. Help them choose a name that is befitting of their spectacular nature. There is only ONE criterion that they must meet...or rather, not: NO WEEDS! Yes. They must be friendly. And helpful. And as Med Poppy...or Choco Poppy... Island Poppy...well, you know...as SHE says, "NO DRAMA!" The Poppy Club is a safe zone where those who are wonderful and fabulous can be wonderful and fabulous and HONEST without fear of the Weeds getting jealous of them and attacking. If you've got issues with another member of the club, settle it with them privately--not here. OK? Thanks. I knew you'd understand...Tall Poppies ALWAYS get that.

So if YOU know fabulous Poppies who enjoy the good life, don't want to ALWAYS have to apologize for being so splendid, and who need a bit of a respite from the Weeds, PLEASE feel free to send them on by. We'll keep the light on for them...

And finally, Tall Poppies know that they ARE human and ARE, therefore, prone to make mistakes. If I have accidentally added you to the wrong blogroll (thanks, New Bloom) or failed to add you at all, please know that it was most likely an oversight rather than my obstinance or displeasure with you. Please let me know that it needs to be corrected. I will be grateful for your assistance. I promise...

Tuesday, January 18, 2005


  The Poppy Club...

Last week, Opiate Poppy (the artist formerly known as MuzikDude) left us the following comment:

"As you'll notice, some of us have taken on poppy names i.e. Opiate Poppy, Poppyoctopus, etc. Why not have a "Poppy club" or something like that? Every member can adopt a Poppy name to use as an alias or pseudonymn and you can list them as links on your sidebar. Then, on our sites, we can display a link button back to your site that states we are a member of the club....or something like that."

Just as OP predicted, several of you have seen his comment and mentioned that you thought this would be fun. A few of you have even "reserved" names, just in case. And so, today I will try to figure out how to design a separate BlogRoll for members of the Poppy Club. (It would be like a "Daily Reads" blogroll...or like Gen's Superfriends) . I think it would be relatively simple. (Of course, I didn't think that whole ECOSYSTEM thing was going to be a problem, either.... STILL haven't figured out how to get THAT off my template....)

Which brings us around to the "button" issue. Quite simply, I am HORRIBLY technically challenged. I have no idea how to design a button. AND I wouldn't want anyone to feel like they needed a button on their site in order to be a member of the club. Heck, I never DID figure out how to put a BoB's button on my site! So, IF I DO come up with a button that you can put on your site, you may choose to use it--or not.

So I have two questions for you:
1) Would you want to be blogrolled as a member of the Poppy Club?
2) If so, what would your Poppy name be?

(In true Michele fashion, in less than an hour Michele has managed to attract dozens of really great Poppy Name ideas over on her site. Sadly, she won't be able to use them all. And they are ALL so very good. Sooo...if you are still trying to come up with just the right name, why don't you check out the list at her place, e-mail her to make sure that she isn't planning on using it, and then let me know if you find one that fits you perfectly. 'Kay?)

Monday, January 17, 2005


  Son 2 Has A Dream, Too!

Last week at school, Son 2 (8 years old) was given the assignment of filling in missing parts of Martin Luther King's beloved "I Have A Dream" speech with his own dreams for the future. Below is the result. His "dreams" are in bold:

I have a drean that one day this nation will be better.
I have a dream that one day kids will get to stay up all night.
I have a dream that one day I will be Governor. I like the mansion.
I have a dream that we will live long and prosper.
I have a dream today.
I have a dream that one day we will go to China through a hole in our backyard.
I have a dream today.
I have a dream that one day we will be able to scooby (sic) dive.
This is my hope and faith. With this faith we will be able to love to drink water. Because I don't.
This will be the day when we drive the cars ourselves.

You can read Dr. King's speech in it's entireity Here at Michele's.

Hope you're enjoying your Martin Luther King Day!

Sunday, January 16, 2005


  NOW We Know Why He's "MuzikDude"...

Because...(drumroll...) He's ACTUALLY a Musical Dude! No, you'd never know it from reading his blog, but MuzikDude (aka: Opiate Poppy) isn't just a budding stand-up comic. He's actually a fab singer! I just happened upon this last night and wanted to share. Click the link below to hear our very own MuzikDude singing LIVE. A Capella. With a gaggle of back-up singers. Could it be ANY more difficult to sound THIS GOOD? I don't think so.... Enjoy!

MuzikDude: Live and Unplugged


  Tall Poppy Basics Wrap-Up, Part Two

Once again, y'all had such FABULOUS comments on the Tall Poppy Basics posts that I HAD to share with others who might have missed them. These are some of my favorite comments from you on Lessons Six through Eight. Very insightful...AND entertaining....

Lesson Six: Broadminded
From KJ: The "we are right not matter what" disease is spreading at an alarming rate. Or perhaps it could be broken into two different diseases: The "we are right and you are a stupid hick/jesus freak" and the "we are right you no morals hethen". I'm an Independent, so I guess I am a stupid hick/jesus freak with no morals.

From Sam: ...I find that a great way to help that as well is to travel to different places. For me, traveling changed my outlook. I began to respect so many different cultures and religions (even though I don't practice them)...but I found that there is something beautiful in each culture and each way of life.

From La Nina: Broad-minded is nice, but broad-shouldered is better. Oh wait, we're not talking about boys....I feel that the "broad-minded" concept extends much further than politics and religion. Heck, but there are some people who have really strong opinions in the Coke/Pepsi debate. I think we all need to be able to get over our own stubbornness every once in a while.

From Hester: This states why I admire Martha Stewart and haven't let the media form an opinion for me on her or anyone else that I don't personally know.

From Michele: My dear friend P.P. would you mind terribly to get lessons quickly on installing buttons on this site (for these posts) this way you could place a nifty "nodding in agreement" button at the end of each of these posts or in the comment section. Please consider it....

From Pink Sun Drops: ...It becomes an understanding of why they feel the way they do and overall allows you to be more loving and kind and understanding of the person themselves, just as if someone were to take the time to understand you....

Lesson Seven: Charming
From Sam: Being charming and being nice goes a long way. And treating everyone the same. Whether it's the person who serves you your coffee every day , or if it's the VP, I think they all deserve the same level of charm.

From MuzikDude: You're so charming. Am I being charmed? Oh, and is charming synonymous with sincerity? (it should be) because superficial charming is just flirtatious...right?

From JCanuck: ...You so often see expats arrive in a foreign country and act as if the local people are just a step up from being a slave. Some of the things that I have heard people say leave me squirming in embarassment for the person who said it, even though they don't seem to notice just how awful it makes them look. I don't know who it was who originally said it, but being able to tell what sort of person someone is by how they treat people who work for them, rather than how they treat those that they work for is right on the nose.

From KJ: I haven't flown coach in years and years, but I've never bought a first class ticket. Just by being nice to the people at the gate will usually get you a complimentary upgrade, especially if you take the time with your appearance and don't show up in sweat pants.I have three hotels I stay in regularily for work, and at every one I get the "penthouse" suite every time I stay. I know everyone in these hotels from the cleaning staff to the manager, and I treat them all the same-with respect.It goes a long, long way as they say...

From La Nina: A notion that's been handed down in my family is "Show respect for those whose jobs you yourself would not want to do." That respect presents itself as charm.

From Elisa: So, so true. I have been a receptionist and admin. I have been a Sr. Director. I remember what it's like to be the former and deal with jerks who are the latter.Here's what the jerks don't get: look, buster, I never have to let you talk to my boss, because he trusts ME, not you, okay?But being charming to all walks of life is not simply a tactic to get things...it is an acknowledgment that everyone deserves respect and kindness....

From Denise: My parents always taught me (by example) that anyone you run into can become a friend and that no one - NO one - is ever "beneath" you. We're all human beings and no one is immune to a little love and kindness. Charm is the reason that I'm able to smile and make others laugh even when I've had a long day and when what I really want to do is run away screaming.

From Bard Sinister: I've been pleasantly surprised in many situations where a gatekeeper remembered some small act of kindness on my part, and helped me obtain some critical information or put through my phone call over those of others. Equally important, I think, is for each individual to develop their own brand of "charm" on top of the basics.

From Hester: ...Most of the time a good secretary has more pull with his/her boss than most and if you don't respect them, they will make disparaging remarks that will influence the boss' opinion of you. Besides that, you should always treat people the way you want them to treat you!....

From Ex Mea Sententia: If someone had told me these things before I graduated college, I would never have believed them, but after working in the professional world for a few years and then entering law school, I realized that these things are what get people far. ...I treated a horrible boss excellently while other coworkers did the exact opposite. Now that boss is working in a firm that I may want to work for in the future. That boss contacted me a few weeks ago and told me that if I want a job there after law school, I have the connection to get it. All because I treated this person like a best friend....

From JCanuck (who will henceforth be referred to as Cleocanuck. No really... You NEED to see this.): I've often thought that EVERYONE should be required to be a waiter or waitress (or some other service job) for at least 6 months of their life. It's a pretty good lesson in wearing the other shoe. It's also a very good lesson when doing this sort of job in how NOT to judge people on their appearance....

From Cecilia: Three years ago, brand new ergonomically designed computer chairs were being delivered to our lab. Those were for the senior students (I was a freshie phd student back then) and for some of the technical staff, including the senior janitor who was delivering the chairs to those fortunate people. I joked to him "don't you think we measly new students deserve chairs like that, too, especially if we want our backs to be good in the coming years we will be here?". The janitor looked at me and said "You can have mine". I laughed and said that I was kidding around. He answered, "No. I'm serious. You do deserve it. Everyday you smile and greet me. Look at me," he gestures to himself in uniform, "no one here makes me feel more human than you do, so take the chair. It is the best gift I can give you after what you've been giving me every single day since you came here." I tried so hard not to cry at that point. I was so choked up. All I could do was to give him a big hug. Charm IS magic. Especially when you are sincere with it.

Lesson Eight: Adaptable
From Chana: Ok you are right in the CHANGE is HARD but thanks for the reminder that we all need to be more open-minded and flexible. Wait, I just grew a little bit!

From Sigmund, Carl and Alfred: We at SC&A are very adaptable. Chicken or tuna for lunch- we don't care.

From Pink Sun Drops: It's funny, sometimes when you look at a change the right now aspect of it isn't all too inviting, but when you look a few years down the road it's amazing the changes that will come about because you were strong enough to make a change now.

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