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Tuesday, January 18, 2005


  The Poppy Club...

Last week, Opiate Poppy (the artist formerly known as MuzikDude) left us the following comment:

"As you'll notice, some of us have taken on poppy names i.e. Opiate Poppy, Poppyoctopus, etc. Why not have a "Poppy club" or something like that? Every member can adopt a Poppy name to use as an alias or pseudonymn and you can list them as links on your sidebar. Then, on our sites, we can display a link button back to your site that states we are a member of the club....or something like that."

Just as OP predicted, several of you have seen his comment and mentioned that you thought this would be fun. A few of you have even "reserved" names, just in case. And so, today I will try to figure out how to design a separate BlogRoll for members of the Poppy Club. (It would be like a "Daily Reads" blogroll...or like Gen's Superfriends) . I think it would be relatively simple. (Of course, I didn't think that whole ECOSYSTEM thing was going to be a problem, either.... STILL haven't figured out how to get THAT off my template....)

Which brings us around to the "button" issue. Quite simply, I am HORRIBLY technically challenged. I have no idea how to design a button. AND I wouldn't want anyone to feel like they needed a button on their site in order to be a member of the club. Heck, I never DID figure out how to put a BoB's button on my site! So, IF I DO come up with a button that you can put on your site, you may choose to use it--or not.

So I have two questions for you:
1) Would you want to be blogrolled as a member of the Poppy Club?
2) If so, what would your Poppy name be?

(In true Michele fashion, in less than an hour Michele has managed to attract dozens of really great Poppy Name ideas over on her site. Sadly, she won't be able to use them all. And they are ALL so very good. Sooo...if you are still trying to come up with just the right name, why don't you check out the list at her place, e-mail her to make sure that she isn't planning on using it, and then let me know if you find one that fits you perfectly. 'Kay?)

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