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Thursday, February 24, 2005


  Random Randomness....

1. Where have I been? Everywhere and nowhere...at the same time.
2. Where am I going next? Nowhere, but I have to pack my bag and be at the station an hour before departure time so that I can pretend to be going here. But I'm not. Shoot. Oh well, I do get a free meal and a decent paycheck for my efforts.
3. How's the Mystery Shopping gig going? It's good. Filling out 30+ applications? Not fun. But the "shops"? Fun. So I guess it's a trade-off.
4. If anyone is interested in getting into Mystery Shopping, let me know. I'll give you a few pointers on how to get started, not get suckered, and land the higher-paying jobs.
5. What else is going on? Well, Little Red Headed Girl's mother and I (along with one very brave father of a boy in Son 1's class) took 15 kids snow tubing on Tuesday at Soldier Hollow (an hour away from here). We were gone the whole day and we never saw a single tear! Well,... I almost cried (tubing on Olympic venue hills is NOT for the faint of heart). But the kids were great....
6. Oh, and speaking of crying, yesterday I spent five hours with Little Red Headed Girl's father. He's our family dentist. $2300 later, I left his office. We all have beautiful, straight, white teeth and spectacular smiles. We spend $5-7,000 a year to fake everyone off into thinking that our teeth are as great as they look. At this rate, by the time Son 1 and Little Red Headed Girl get married in --oh, say, 15-20 years-- our entire family will be Indentured Servants working at her family's behest. But that's okay. WE will STILL own the family silver....
7. I have finished reading the book I bought on the way back from Florida, "He's Just Not That Into You". I'll share my thoughts on it and my opinions on Single Male Behavior in my next post.
8. I KNEW you were going to ask that! Tomorrow.
9. PLEASE let me know if you want to be linked to The Poppy Club and have not been. PoppyLatte (a member of the Board) just let me know yesterday that SHE hadn't been linked. So don't assume that I don't love you anymore, or that you have gone Weedy, or something and are no longer deserving of Poppy Club membership. Just e-mail me or leave a comment and I'll get you fixed right up.
10. Thank you SO much, Emerald City Poppy (Our official Poppy Club Chorister) for your latest song, "Don't Worry, Tall Poppy". For those of you who missed it, here it is:

Don't Worry, Tall Poppy
(to the tune of "Don't Worry, Be Happy" by Bobby McFerrin)

Here's a little song I stole
Pink Poppy takes the leading role
Don't worry Tall Poppy

No time to write her loyal fan base
Her monitor's become a blank space
Don't worry Tall Poppy
Don't worry Tall Poppy now

Somebody come to clean her stead
She have to pile stuff on her bed
Don't worry Tall Poppy

She sorry that her entry's late
She don't realize we will wait
Don't worry Tall Poppy

Look at me, I'm a Poppy!
Don't worry Tall Poppy
We'll all give you our IM names
When you worry, come chat
We make you happy
Don't worry Tall Poppy

She got the grace, she got shoe style
She got some friends to make her smile
Don't worry Tall Poppy

Enjoy an afternoon in town
Go secret shopping for a gown
So don't worry, Tall Poppy
Don't worry Tall Poppy now

Don't worry
Don't worry, don't do it
You want a smile on your face?
Take a wee break from hubby and kids
Don't worry, it will soon pass
You know that it does
Don't worry, be happy

I'm not worried, I'm a Poppy

You are one FUNNY girl, La Nina....

11. Can ANYONE tell me why I am getting 50-70 hits a day from this? http://images.google.com/imgres?imgurl=http://photos1.blogger.com/img/221/1411/640/Carly%2520Patterson.jpg&imgrefurl=http://tall Hmmm...
12. What am I laughing at this morning? Girl From Florida--just in general. But this, this and this in particular...

More later.....

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