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Thursday, January 27, 2005


  Quick Poll--Tiffany's or "Other"

(UPDATE: Thank you SOOO much for your quick responses to this post. I was truly inspired by what EACH of you said. So after reading your comments, talking to my parents (who were also set on giving a Tiffany's gift), and calling the help line at Williams-Sonoma, I have settled on the following resolution: We will give them two gifts--jointly. (As in "Best Wishes and Much Love Always, Mr. and Mrs. Best Friend and Mr. and Mrs. Second Parents.) The first will be an "everyday" gift--a Williams-Sonoma gift basket filled with seven items from their registry. The second will be an as-yet-undecided medium selection from Tiffany's--I have it narrowed down to four items that are similar to things they have registered for elsewhere, and I guess I will now just play eenie-meenie-miney-mo. I think that will make them BOTH happy (since I know that my sweet friend would LOVE for his bride to get a surprise from Tiffany's--he's fabulous that way. And I'm sure she would love to have some wonderful, new W-S gadgets in her kitchen). So THANK YOU for helping me figure out how to handle this "sticky wicket". I couldn't have done it without you...)

(Note: If you're just tuning in, don't miss the post below this one...)

OK, I really need your advice! PRONTO! You see, to me nothing says wedding like a blue box from Tiffany's. As you know, My Best Friend of more than 20 years is getting married next week. I am trying to decide on his gift. Now, he is basically my parent's third son, so they want to get in on the act as well. So here's the thing: I am monogramming Irish Linen pillowcases for them. THEN I want to get them something else, as do my parents. So... do we:

1) Get them one BIG gift or two medium gifts from Tiffany's (because there are no SMALL gifts at Tiffany's)
2) One medium gift from Tiffany's and one gift from their actual bridal registry
3) Two gifts or one BIG gift from their bridal registry.

There are LOTS of things that they have registered for that haven't been bought yet. And I know they'd love to get things from their registry. But I am SUCH a fan of Tiffany's for really special occasions. I have studied their registries and have a fairly good idea of what their tastes are. So which should I do? Please myself and go with Tiffany's (which, of course, I THINK would also please them...) or get them what they've specifically asked for?

(Thought I should add...He is 39. She is 32. Both are professionals who have lived away from home for years, and they will be moving into his wonderful home in Orlando. So they aren't JUST starting out...but they did register for lots of things that I'm sure they'd love to have...)

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