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Monday, January 24, 2005


  Red Carpet Wrap-Up: Part 1

I am still working on getting Sunday's list of celebrities put together and posted, but you can read Friday and Saturday's lists on the correct day's posts, now. And even though my day has been filled with entertaining a sick child and attempting to book a trip to Orlando for "My Best Friend's Wedding" (tears...), I have read each of the comments you have left me. And laughed VERY hard. And enjoyed hearing from EACH AND EVERY one of you. So thanks...

And now, a few administrative notes:

1) Those of you who were on the Red Carpet probably noticed the fabulous Candy Poppy, in her new Miu Miu's that I KNOW The Manolo posted on his site JUST for me. Anyway, Michele has named Candy Poppy as her Site of the Day. So PLEASE be sure to go by Candy Poppy's site and say, "Hello! Michele Sent Me.... Because she did.

2) If you have left me your poppy name, I will put them up tonight and tomorrow. Thanks for joining the club.

3) Several people have told me that they want to join "the club", but that they have no idea what The Poppy Club is. So if you want to know what it is that you're signing up for, you can go back and read the posts from December 31-January 13. You don't necessarily have to BE a Tall Poppy to be in The Poppy Club. But if you're a "Weed" (someone who makes fun of or tears down successful people just because they are jealous of them), it might be an uncomfortable fit...seein' as how you'll be surrounded by those sorts of folks whom you REALLY don't like. I'm just sayin'....

Now, for the wrap-up: First, I just want to say that I have discovered SO MANY awesome people through the Red Carpet Celebration. Some were new Poppy Club members whom I didn't really know before. Others simply came in off the street and WOWED me. I guess when you spend three days together, you get to know one another pretty well. I am going to start posting a few of my favorite, new-to-me bloggers here. I may not finish tonight since I have family "bidness" to attend to. But I'll just pick up where ever I left off in my next post. And trust me... if you see their name here, it'd be worth your time to check out their sites AND their Red Carpet appearances. These are some FUNNY people...

1) The funniest celebrity blogger on the Red Carpet Award HAS to go to both Pill Poppy (Catt) of Does This Mean I'm A Grown-up and Demon Queen of , yes, Demon Queen. Since Catt is the STILL UNOFFICIAL WINNER of the BoB's Most Humorous Blog award, it is to be expected that she would make me laugh until I cried. And she did. But Demon Queen was a surprise. On many levels. She was the first blogger to hit the Red Carpet on Friday Morning. And my initial thought was "OMG! I can NOT go to bed with this woman running loose on my Red Carpet!" Go back and read the comments from Friday--you'll understand my concern. I stayed up until 4 am "getting to know" Demon Queen a bit better. And now, I ADORE that woman. She's now Demon Poppy. She's a Sex Blogger (finalist in that category)--which granted wasn't a favorite genre of mine previously. But I have to tell you...she is a goddess. And a comedian. And has a heart of gold. So, a HUGE round of applause to two of my new favorite playmates--Pill Poppy and Demon Poppy.

2) Next, the comedy of Sugar Poppy of Prepare to Meet Your Bakerina and Musical Poppy of Music and Cats is just a hoot. Sugar Poppy and her skirt made of cookies IMMEDIATELY got my attention. It seemed right off the pages of a Mary Englebreit painting. But Musical Poppy, like Demon Poppy, was REALLY a surprise. And after hearing her sing to her cat over on her site, I had a WHOLE new appreciation for the confidence this woman has. Sugar Poppy and Musical Poppy are a creative comedic team. And when Sugar Poppy (excuse me--I can't even type the sentence without laughing out loud at the memory...) and Musical Poppy cooked and served up, first the cookies, then the cakes, then the pies, and FINALLY the Cock-a-Leekie soup to the Sex Bloggers (complete with the recipe on Sugar Poppy's site, which I THINK Demon Poppy saw when she visited SP's site and built it into her schtick over on the Carpet)? Well, it was just too funny....

3) One of my favorite moments on the Carpet occurred when Opiate Poppy came in to the Red Carpet for the first time on Friday. We had been anxiously awaiting the arrival of The Manolo (you KNOW how Tall Poppies LOVE their SHOES!) and, well, The Manolo just happened to arrive at the WRONG time. Well, any time would have been good had I not made a comment ...well, you'd just have to read it to understand (start where OP comes in on Friday night). But I guess The Manolo forgave me. Because on Saturday, he posted these. I LOVE him!

4) The final site I'll post today is one belonging to a woman who just showed up unexpectedly on the Red Carpet (she OBVIOUSLY heard that there were well-dressed celebrity bloggers on the loose...) and stopped by for a chat. She and her friend write I Am Fashion. And it is SO UTTERLY fabulous. Make sure you check out the shoes. YUMMY! Yes. They will be joining us as "Fashion Poppy". Cool, huh.

Okay, I must dash right now. Will be back late tonight to work on administrative items. Then tomorrow, I am going to answer some of your burning questions that you've sent me via e-mail. Ta Ta For Now!

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