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Saturday, January 29, 2005


  OK...Fess Up...Which One Are You?

I don't USUALLY post silly little online quizzes, even if I take them (What? Of COURSE I don't take them.... ... much...) BUT I took this SATC quiz with the intent of solving one of life's great mysteries--Am I more Charlotte? Or am I more Carrie? Most of my friends say, "Carrie, Carrie, Carrie, Carrie, Carrie". But on the HBO feature's that they produced to celebrate SATC in their final season, they made fun of people who thought they were "Carrie". So I didn't WANT it to be true. My friend, Charanda and I just call me "Charrie" so that we don't have to choose just ONE. Just in case we're wrong. Or just in case someone tries to make fun of us....

However, while perusing Sunshine Poppy's wedding pictures, I came across this test. (Huh? I don't know why it was in with her wedding pictures!... It just was.) And I had to take it. And I know that YOU'LL have to, too. I was CERTAIN that as soon as I chose "chocolate" over "shoes" (I'm sorry people--chocolate vs. shoes? I'll almost ALWAYS take the chocolate) I would become "Charlotte". But, alas...
You are Carrie.
Congratulations! You are Carrie.
Which Sex and the City Character Are You?
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So come on people...take the quiz and fess up. You too, OP. Trust me, it's like a HUGE weight being lifted off of your shoulders knowing once and for all WHO you REALLY are....

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