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Wednesday, January 19, 2005


  Poppy Club Membership Drive HUGE Success

Wow! I am overwhelmed at the response to The Poppy Club! It's unbelievable! And I LOVE the names y'all have come up with. They are just so...so...YOU! I knew that there were LOTS of good people out there who could relate to being a Tall Poppy AND who like to have fun, but I had no idea that so many of you would be willing to "go public". Brave souls, you are.

I want to thank Opiate Poppy (aka: MuzikDude) for his EXCELLENT work in dreaming up and sponsoring the Poppy Club Membership Drive. I also want to thank my darling friend, Scarlet Poppy (aka: Michele), for sending so many new and lovely Poppies into our midst.

As every Tall Poppy knows, when you put forth your best effort on behalf of Others, Others will often reward your magnificence by showering you with "opportunities to serve" that you neither want, need, nor have time for. Therefore, Opiate Poppy and Scarlet Poppy: In recognition of your efforts on behalf of The Poppy Club, I hereby certify you as the Vice Chairmen of the Board for the year 2005. Thank you for all that you do for The Poppy Club and it's members every single day--and keep up the good work.

Your first order of business? Could you please round up the PsychoPoppies and find out why they missed roll call? Yes--notwithstanding any upcoming posts in which they proclaim their disdain for silly online clubs. Thank you. It's going to be delightful serving with you...

Now, tall and trusty members of The Poppy Club--please feel free to refer your friends to join the club, as well. This is YOUR club, after all. Help them choose a name that is befitting of their spectacular nature. There is only ONE criterion that they must meet...or rather, not: NO WEEDS! Yes. They must be friendly. And helpful. And as Med Poppy...or Choco Poppy... Island Poppy...well, you know...as SHE says, "NO DRAMA!" The Poppy Club is a safe zone where those who are wonderful and fabulous can be wonderful and fabulous and HONEST without fear of the Weeds getting jealous of them and attacking. If you've got issues with another member of the club, settle it with them privately--not here. OK? Thanks. I knew you'd understand...Tall Poppies ALWAYS get that.

So if YOU know fabulous Poppies who enjoy the good life, don't want to ALWAYS have to apologize for being so splendid, and who need a bit of a respite from the Weeds, PLEASE feel free to send them on by. We'll keep the light on for them...

And finally, Tall Poppies know that they ARE human and ARE, therefore, prone to make mistakes. If I have accidentally added you to the wrong blogroll (thanks, New Bloom) or failed to add you at all, please know that it was most likely an oversight rather than my obstinance or displeasure with you. Please let me know that it needs to be corrected. I will be grateful for your assistance. I promise...

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