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Saturday, January 22, 2005


  Hello Everyone! And Welcome...

January 21, 2005--Day One: We want to welcome ALL of the finalists. And we extend a special, warm welcome to our Poppy Club Members who were finalists in this years competition:

Aussie Poppy
Barefoot Poppy
Chef Poppy
Groovy Poppy
Magnificent Poppy
Opiate Poppy
Pearly Poppy
Plodding Poppy
Psychotic Writer Poppy
Raving Poppy
Surly Poppy
Scarlet Poppy
(Did I miss anyone? If so, let me know.)

We are pleased and honored to invite the finalists, our esteemed Poppy Club members and all of our guests to walk the Red Carpet and join us for the celebration.

You all look SO fabulous! Now as you walk the Red Carpet, remember: This is your BIG moment in the spotlight. You've seen other Award shows. You know the drill. Just proceed to the comment area and tell us (your adoring fans) what WE want to know:

1) Tell us who you are and, if you were a nominee, tell us what you were nominated for. (Be sure to leave your URL so that we can visit and chat with you there.)

2) We at Tall Poppy Diaries are VERY interested in fashion. Please be a darling and tell us who designed your stunning ensemble. Inquiring minds NEED to know....

3) Feel free to leave messages of congratulations and admiration to other "stars"--and be sure to visit them at their own "tables", as well.

4) So...who's the luscious eye candy on your arm? Please introduce your date, "guest" or mother. Once again...we NEED to know.

5) Feel free to promote your site with reckless abandon. We are a VERY agreeable lot and LOVE discovering new, fun friends. However, just remember that we have very discerning tastes--the more gracious and friendly you are, the more fun we'll all have.

The Red Carpet will open at midnight EST tonight (Thursday/Friday) and close on Sunday night (or whenever the party ends...) So grab a drink, put on your most effervescent smile and greet your fans....

Update #1: It's just after Noon, Sundance Time, and WOW! What a party. Almost 400 "viewers" since the Red Carpet opened at midnight--And the party's just getting started! So go ahead, introduce yourself, strut the Great Red Way, and welcome our viewers to stop by your "table". Cheers!

Update #2: It's almost 5 pm, Sundance Time, and we have had over 550 guests at our party so far today! You know, I have read a few rather harsh comments regarding the "meaninglessness" of The BoB Awards. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions about "Blog Awards"--or any awards for that matter. But the fact remains: Awards DO mean something. They signify recognition of talent and public appreciation for a person's work. And that MEANS SOMETHING.

Awards do NOT mean that those who DIDN'T win, or even get nominated, AREN'T worthy of notice. Beauty is always in the eye of the beholder. But just because one person's blog didn't get nominated doesn't mean that another blog that did get the nomination shouldn't have! In my humble opinion...of course.

It fills my heart with joy to see so many wonderful Tall Poppies out there who can enjoy participating in a silly little online show that honors the accomplishments of OTHERS--without hard feelings. Or Jealousy. (except for DemonQueen who was most assuredly covetous of my date(s)...). Fabulous. JUST fabulous. And there are many more celebrities and honored guests yet to greet. So let's go back to the Red Carpet....

Celebrity Guests to The Red Carpet on FRIDAY, January 21, 2005
Demon Queen-Best Sex Blog Finalist
Writer Poppy, aka: Robin Slick - Best New Blog Finalist
Rebeka of Sucking It In-Best Diet/Weight Loss Blog
Popcorn Poppy from Mini-Obs - Esteemed Poppy Club Member
Magnificent Poppy from Magnificent Octopus-Best Literary Blog Finalist
Pill Poppy (Catt) of Does This Mean I'm A Grown Up-Most Humorous Blog WINNER!

Barefoot Poppy from Barefott Princepessa-Best Blog "Promoter" Finalist
Peach Poppy from Every Day Life-Esteemed Poppy Club Member
CarolynM from Guilt-Free Homeschooling-Best Homeschool Blog Finalist
Babbling Poppy from Bundles of Babbles-Best Blog "Promoter" Finalist
Mountain Poppy of Hollywood and Montana: Celebrity Correspondent/Board Member
Java Poppy of The World According To Me - Esteemed Poppy Club Member
Karen of Chookooloonks - Best Fertility/Adoption Blog Finalist
Square Poppy of One To The Nth Power - Esteemed Poppy Club Member
Hoppy Poppy of Bunny Burrow - Esteemed Poppy Club Board Member
Emerald City Poppy of Difficult By Design - Poppy Club Board Member
Plodding Poppy of Fighting Inertia - Best Mommy Blog Finalist
Groovy Poppy of Sheiss Weekly - Best Blog "Promoter" Finalist
Lee of Oh No, The Blog! - Best Daddy Blog Finalist
Carrie of Red Head Princess - Best Fertility/Adoption Blog Finalist
Raving Poppy of For F*ck's Sake - Snarkiest Blog Finalist
Solonor of Solonor's Groovy Grove- Best Blog "Promoter" Finalist
Marie of Practigal - Esteemed Guest
Prickly Poppy of Hester - Poppy Club Board Member
Pearly Poppy of Always Victoria - Most Inspirational Blog Finalist
Demon Queen (with Hugh Grant) - Best Sex Blog Finalist (2nd Appearance)
Popcorn Poppy of Mini-Obs - Poppy Club Member (2nd Appearance)
Pill Poppy (Catt) of Does This Mean I'm A Grown Up - Most Humorous WINNER (2nd Appearance)
Annie of Hollywood and Montana--Celebrity Correspondent - Reporting Live from Julia Robert's Ranch
Precioustee - Esteemed Guest
Opiate Poppy of Muzik's Musings - Best New Blog Finalist/Poppy Club V.P. (with Mrs. Freud, posing as Sig)
Lizzie of This Full House - Best Mommy Blog Finalist
The Manolo of Manolo's Shoe Blog - Best New Blog Finalist
Surly Poppy (Kim) of Relaxed Homeskool - Best Homeschool Blog Finalist
Spiffy (Scarlet Poppy's Imaginary Friend)-Esteemed Honored Guest
Popcorn Poppy of Mini-Obs - Poppy Club Member (3rd Appearance)
Stacie of FaeryCrafty - Best Knitting/Craft Blog Finalist
Sugar Poppy of Prepare To Meet Your Bakerina - Best Cooking Blog Finalist
Musical Poppy of Music and Cats - Esteemed Poppy Club Member
Groovy Poppy of Scheiss Weekly - Best Blog Promoter Finalist-(2nd Appearance)
Aussie Poppy of Aussie Mama - Best New Blog Finalist
Groovy Poppy of Scheiss Weekly - Introducing son, Zappa - (3rd Appearance)
Shannon of Waiting For Nat - Best L/G/B/T Blog Finalist
Fat Dude of Fat Eye For The Skinny Guy - Most Humorous Blog Finalist
Cecily of Wasted Birth Control - Best Fertility/Adoption Blog Finalist
Aussie Poppy of Aussie Mama - Best New Blog Finalist (2nd Appearance)
Kevynn of Fat-Free Milk - Esteemed Guest
Rockchild of Rockchild - Most Humorous Blog Finalist
Scarlet Poppy of Michele Agnew - Best Overall Blog Finalist
Candy Poppy of ClearCandy Daily- Esteemed Poppy Club Board Member
Scarlet Poppy of Michele Agnew - Best Overall Blog Finalis (2nd appearance, etc.)
One of Two Poppies from Been There-Esteemed Poppy Club Board Member
Jennifer of She Walks... - Esteemed Guest and Photographer
Demon Queen - Best Sex Blog Finalist (comes out of the closet...)
Mommy Poppy of The Mommy Blog - Best Overall Blog Finalist
Demon Queen and Mommy Poppy share clam dip and travel through time...

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