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Monday, January 24, 2005


  It's The Morning After...

Hello, everyone. It's the morning after our big Red Carpet Celebration, and I am one pooped Poppy. But was that not one REALLY FUN party or what! Thanks SO much to the members of The Poppy Club for helping to make the party SUCH a great success. And thanks to all of the Finalists for coming by and greeting your fans. They ADORE you. They really do. We had over 2,000 viewers this weekend which, considering it was the weekend was INCREDIBLE. I want to thank everyone who stopped by.

Throughout the day today, I will be finishing up compiling the list of all of the celebrities and honored guests who came by this weekend. SOOO, why don't you take a moment today, go through the lists that I have finished thusfar (or if you're REALLY brave, you can go through the comments and read the play-by-play) and thank some of your favorite Red Carpet Celebrities to stopping by. 'Kay?

This afternoon, I will be posting:

1) A list of a few of my new favorite sites that were discovered LIVE on the Red Carpet
2) A wrap-up of some of the interesting things that happened behind the scenes this weekend
3) Answers to a few burning questions that viewers have asked via e-mail this weekend.

However, this morning, brings several challenges for me including:

1) One sick child who is home from school and requires pampering
2) One VERY messy house that was horribly neglected during our 3-day Celebration
3) One trip to "My Best Friend's Wedding" in Florida that must be booked--TODAY!
4) One Red Carpet Hostess who MUST be showered--thoroughly.

And, so, I will be scarcely available this morning. Please enjoy the sites of our Club Members and guests in my absence, and I will see you all this afternoon. AND, if you have decided on your Poppy name, and I haven't yet blogrolled you, PLEASE leave your new Poppy ID in the comments for this post. Thanks!

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