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Sunday, January 23, 2005


  It's The Third and Final Day: LIVE and On The Carpet

January 23, 2005--1:07 am Sundance Time:
... at the first annual Poppy Club Celebration honoring the finalists in The First Annual BoB Awards...and The Poppy Club members who founded the BoB's, Genuine Poppy and Zero Poppy (until his daughter gives him a better score...).

Yesterday turned out to be almost as big as Friday--which was a record-setting day. Which, I guess, makes Saturday a record setting day as well. So we're down to the wire. Dozens of celebrity bloggers, Poppy Club members and Esteemed guests have walked the Red Carpet and have gathered in the Foyer and the Ballroom to eat, drink, sleep and cavort (see Saturday's post for a complete list of Friday's guest arrivals). The anticipation is mounting. Which of our favorite celebrity bloggers will drop by today? And will the BoB Award Board of Directors EVER certify the competition results? Let's see, shall we?

In case you're new to the Red Carpet, please feel free to step up to the microphone, introduce yourself to the crowd (and if you're a finalist, PLEASE let us know--this is YOUR party, ya' know...) and tell us who you're with, what you're wearing and who designed it.

The list of celebrity bloggers who walked the Red Carpet on Sunday, January 23 will be posted shortly.

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