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Thursday, January 27, 2005


  Calling All Poppies...We Need You!

As you know if you read Tall Poppy Diaries regularly, "My Best Friend's Wedding" is next weekend in Florida--which means I will be away for several days. I am REALLY going to try to have a great time. I REALLY am. But, two problems:

1) Hubby can't go, so I have to go as a singleton. HATE that! And as My Best Friend said, "Dahlin', this is the ONE time that I can't be your date." This thing with HIM getting married? It's gonna be SOOO inconvenient.

2) As if figuring out the wardrobe, travel plans and wedding gift aren't stressful enough, I have to figure out what to do about Tall Poppy Diaries while I'm gone, too.

And this is where you say, "Oh! I can help you with that!"
Yes! That was JUST what I wanted to hear. So here's the plan...

I want to hear your Tall Poppy stories. They can be something you've written previously that you think others might be interested in reading. Or they can be new. They can be short snippets. Or they can be longer. But here are the three themes we're workin' with:

1) You Know You're A Tall Poppy When...
2) You Know You're A Weed When...
3) Tall Poppies: Lessons Learned in the Field

For the first, I want your little short snippets about what happens to Tall Poppies in the real world. What sorts of things happen that make you think, "Hey! I think I've just been Weed-whacked."? This will run on Wednesday. And, of course, if I use your submission it will be credited and linked to you.

For the second one, since of course NONE of you are Weeds, you'll have to use your imagination and tell me what you think it's like to be a Weed. And to help those who are still growing and lack finely-tuned radars, what are the tell-tale signs that should clue someone in that the person they're buddying up to is "trouble"? This will run on Thursday, and your submissions will, of course, be credited and linked to you, too.

The last is a chance for you to tell a story about being or recognizing a Tall Poppy. It can be a story you wrote previously (Sam? Cooper? You KNOW what I'm thinkin'...) It can be a new story, as well. This post will run on Friday, but the rules will be a little different... I want you to either write the story and post it on your site on Friday, or send me the link to the applicable story that ran on your site previously. Then, on Friday, I will run short snippets of your story and a link to your site so that my readers can go to YOUR site to find it. Got it? You will post the story on YOUR site--I will just send my readers to you.

To participate, send me your snippets--either for Posts one and two, or a synopsis of your story for Friday along with the appropriate links. E-mail them to either tallpoppydiaries@yahoo.com or my other e-mail that's listed on my profile. I need to receive your submissions by THIS Sunday night--as in January 30th, four days from now. Thanks! And Cheers!

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