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Monday, December 13, 2004


  The Twelve Days of Christmas--Day One

I have just realized that the 12 Days of Christmas starts today. Of course, someone forgot to tell Costco--Theirs started in September. But at the Tall Poppy Diaries, it's all about tradition with a twist. I've had ENOUGH ALREADY with the "twist". I'm on to tradition today, whether my brain is with me or not.

Being a "Christmas Baby", my winter generally revolves around Christmas. I even paint my downstairs walls in reds, greens and golds so that we can have a bit of Christmas year-round. Last night, when IP and Princess P came to our door, THIS is the Christmassy scene that SHOULD have greeted them:


And this...

And as they waited patiently for me to pick up mom from the hospital, take her home, take the boys to the theater, and get back to get everyone ELSE to the theater on time, they should have been surrounded with the warmth of holiday madness and cheer that would NORMALLY greet a visitor to our home on December 12. Like this, perhaps...

Instead? They didn' t get squat! Not ONE Christmas bauble. Nothing. Nada.

And so, inspired by this post by Girl From Florida and in an effort to, once again, find my inner Christmas goddess, I present to you over the next 12 days my OWN 12 Days of Christmas. I will tell you what (if anything) I have done to find my Christmas Spirit. And I 'll share a few things that I happen upon along the way that might help you with yours. PLEASE feel free to chime in with comments, suggestions, links, etc. I think that we can all help each other stay on track.

Things I have found to give or do for Christmas that you might love, too!
  1. MY FAVORITE FIND OF THE YEAR FROM YOUR COMMENTS ON THIS POST: from Cooper at Been There--My Publisher Books! This is the COOLEST thing ever!!! I am doing a 2002 and a 2003 book for us (but publishing two copies so that each of the boys will have one when they grow up). I am also putting together a book for my grandmother in Texas with pics of us, the boys and us with her. It doesn't take long to plan, thanks to the handy FREE software. But be warned...they will only guarantee Christmas Delivery if the orders are in by the 15th! I LOVE this, though! Thanks for the heads up, Cooper. You are SOOO cool!
  2. These WAY awesome hot pot holder, trivet, thingamajiggers from Hester, also a head's up on this post. I LOVE these. Won't say who's getting them, except that two of them will never leave this house. Thanks, Hester.
  3. Something I'm giving myself for Christmas (because otherwise, I get things like snow shovels--or nothing. Either way, I'm on top of it, now): These chargers from the US Capitol Historical Society. I got four of them when we went to First Lady's Luncheon in April (they were in the giftbag that all of the guests got), but I need more (as I realized at Thanksgiving when everyone got one but me :( ). They are fabulous--and they are the perfect size to fit under standard dinner plates. I am buying myself two more for Christmas this year, and will keep collecting them until I think I have enough! Yet another thing for the future daughter-in-laws to fight over....

Things I have done today:

  1. Volunteer at the boy's school for 4 hrs.
  2. Took my mom to stay with my dad at the hospital.
  3. Added to this post

Things I have not done today, but should (must):

  1. Volunteer at school for 6 hrs. (like usual)
  2. Take a shower.
  3. Finish my last three Christmas orders and mail them out.
  4. Find something OTHER THAN TOYS for hubby to give the boys for Christmas. Only Santa is giving toys in THIS house this year.
  5. Finish putting my pics together for the My Publisher Books that I am doing for the family for Christmas.
  6. Put in my nominations for the BoB's.
  7. Find out whether it's too late to get adspace for the BoB's.
  8. Get around to all of my buddies' blogs to check out what's shakin'.
  9. Get a Christmas Tree decorated. GEEZ!!!

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