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Sunday, December 12, 2004


  REALLY Random Midnight Musings...

  1. Only one Nutcracker left, and I'm actually getting a bit wistful about it all coming to an end. I might even miss it. Yes. Go ahead. Thump me.
  2. Daddy is REALLY put out with the whole "double vision" thing. And he says that all of the unattractive nurses work weekends. (Note to self: Clue in Busy Mom). And it's Sunday. AND, worst of all, he is HORRIFIED that the nurses actually get in the shower with him and, evidently, only unattractive nurses work shower duty as well. He's looking forward to tomorrow when "all of the BEAUTIFUL doctors and nurses" return. And he's hoping for a mid-week shower. And he explained all of this in front of my sweet, Mormon mother-in-law today. Daddy's double-vision is no longer my greatest worry.
  3. I am blown away! FOUR nominations for Best Overall Blog over at the BOB's? That's one for every month that I've been writing! Y'all are too good to me. (...adding a few more names to Christmas list....)
  4. Speaking of, I will be doing my nominations tomorrow night. And there are LOTS of them. I figure ALL of my favorite blogs should be nominated at least once and then we'll let Jim and Jay sort it all out. Good plan.
  5. Tomorrow (or rather "today" by the time I finish writing this) is, I believe, my next-to-last day of Hellacious overscheduling. And THEN it's my birthday. Oh, and I think I've decided--I'm stickin' at 39. Just in case anyone's counting.
  6. Tonight Invisible Poppy and Princess Poppy (who is 6 and whom I KNOW was supposed to be mine) went to the Nutcracker with us. Princess Poppy is SOOO not Invisible. People were doing double takes at her all night. Not only is SHE magnificent, but her dress and jacket (which IP made, smocked with about 4,000 beads, and hand embroidered) were the epitome of classic wonderfulness. I COULD NOT resist posting a portion of one of the pics I took tonight. You're missing the BEST part, of course (the face and the hair in the perfect little bun with the matching ribbon bows), but I feel the need to protect Princess from any association with the likes of us.

    Princess Poppy in her Swiss flannel dress (see the blue band above the embroidered scallops on the collar? Those are all tiny, sparkly blue BEADS!) and hand embroidered wool jacket.
  7. Only three more Christmas orders to fill, and then I'm DONE! I thought I had taken my business website down. I didn't want to have to keep saying, "No. I'm sorry. I can not accept the money that you are begging to send to me because I prefer to blog for no $$$. At all." However, these people keep finding me! Obviously they haven't read my blog or they would know--THREE MORE ORDERS AND I AM DONE!
  8. I did check out all of the latest fashion and style news today. Not much worth discussing. So we won't.
  9. I actually saw a REAL LIVE Pink TechnoTunes yesterday--on someone else's arm.
  10. In case you were wondering, I do know that I am NOT a "Mortal Human in the Ecosystem of whatever it is". I doubt that, had the correct code been given to me, I would even be on dry land. Unfortunately, I somehow ended up with the BlogShares code and I don't know how to get it out now. Will figure it out later. But for now, just know that you have no reason to be intimidated by my domination of the blogging world. I'm just little ol' me.
  11. Finally, tomorrow I will NOT have time to post the Christmas Gift Extravaganza that I had planned to rewrite and post the day that Daddy decided "not", but I am going to post a couple of my favorites from your lists including my NUMBER ONE FAVORITE GIFT OF THE YEAR THAT ONE OF YOU CLUED ME IN ON! Yep, it's that good. And how do I know that I will DEFINITELY post it tomorrow (oops, today--it's 12:30am)? Because I already have it written!

So, see ya' then!

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