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Friday, December 10, 2004


  Thanksgiving in December!

WOW! What can I say? I feel like it's Thanksgiving all over again! SERIOUSLY! I can not believe the support I have gotten from my online friends. I am overwhelmed and truly grateful. I must say that I am patting my back right now for knowing how to choose my friends--y'all are unbelievable.

I am SO CLOSE to being back. Just a couple more days and I am CERTAIN I will be totally back. I hope that I can find a way to repay all of you for your love and support. Trust me...I'll be thinkin' on it.

First, I want to tell you a few things I am especially grateful tonight:

  1. It's GONE!!! The book proposal is gone! In the mail. On the way to the publisher. I really do like it. Now it's up to the gods (whom I must say have NOT been particularly cooperative these days!) I've gotten almost no sleep this week, but it was worth it to get it done and out the door. Ended up adding a few sections (they were total "Uh duh's", as in THANK GOODNESS I realized they were missing!). It was a week later than I had planned, but all things considered....
  2. Daddy is doing fine. He may actually have a few Halloweens left in him, heaven help us. But he has double vision right now so he is having a hard time seeing "all the BEAUTIFUL doctors and nurses". It's REALLY putting a crimp in his style. Thank goodness.
  3. A little bird let me know that Vic had nominated me for Best Overall Blog over at the BOB's! INCREDIBLE! Even if I don't make the cut, what an honor to be nominated. Thanks, Vic. You're just lovely....
  4. All of my favorite on-line friends have stopped by with notes--some every day! Since I haven't told anyone around here other than Invisible Poppy about Daddy's stroke (I didn't have time to talk on the phone or deal with all of the "random acts of kindness" that I knew would result...sick and wrong, huh?) , y'all have kept me from feeling so alone. There is no way that you will ever know how much it means to me.
  5. I am so grateful to Genuine for having the courage to step up and broaden the opportunities for non-poliblogs to get a bit of recognition. I had planned on buying ad space from him for the BOB's, but haven't had time to think about what type of ad to run. So if it's too late to buy an ad by the time I can deal with it next week, I will send him a donation to thank him for all of his hard work. I hope that everyone will support the BOB's by nominating your favorite blogs, and supporting them through buying ad space. More pimping for the BOB's to come....
  6. I am grateful to all of my (I'm sorry--I just REFUSE to call you Wh-res, KJ!) REFERRALS at BlogExplosion who have been surfing away and earning me credits in your absence--to the tune of about 50 visits per day! Amazing!

I could go on and on...but then I wouldn't have time to pick up Mom from the hospital, pick up the boys from the theater, take Mom home, bring the boys home and feed them, and then clean the ENTIRE friggin' house by tomorrow night when my mother-in-law will come to spend two days with us. And you can not EVEN imagine what that entails. And so, I must run. Will be back. And thanks again, EVERYONE!!!!

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