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Monday, December 06, 2004


  The Timing Could Have Been Considerably Better...

But I guess there is no really great time to have a stroke. Daddy got up this morning and KNEW he was having a stroke. BUT, instead of telling someone (like ME, MAYBE) that he needed to go to the hospital, he went downstairs and ate breakfast--with his tongue and face numb and his left leg not working.

Then, he got the chauffeur to take him to the store to get some diet coke and cash. He got there, but forgot his wallet. So he came back, sat around, ate lunch, and then talked the chauffeur into taking him BACK to the store. At this point, the receptionist called me and said, "We've been trying to get your dad to go to the hospital all day. He won't go. He just told us to get out of his way so that he wouldn't trip over us on his way out the door."

So I drove to the store to head him off. Too late. He had fallen walking in the door (with the chauffeur holding onto him) and four people were trying to help him up when I got there. We put him in my car and got him to the hospital SIX HOURS AFTER HE HAD THE STROKE!!! (By the way. If you don't know. This is textbook for everything you DON'T do when you think you've had a stroke).

He's an educated man. He KNOWS you have to get to the hospital within 3 hours in order to qualify for TPA. But the man needed cash in his pocket and diet coke in the fridge. Partial paralysis or Diet Coke? My father chose the Diet Coke!!! THESE are the same genes that I carry in my very own body. Cruel hoax of nature, I'd say.

So it's now almost 6 pm. I am taking my proposal and stuff to the hospital to work. The doctors expect him to recover most of the function on his left side. They'll keep him for a day or two to watch over him. And, meanwhile, I don't think my proposal will be going out until tomorrow. This also put a crimp in my plans to surf blogs this afternoon and evening.

I jokingly told Daddy that his timing was poor--on numerous fronts. He actually replied, "Well, excuse me for living!" and laughed. Do you remember when people used to say that? Back in the late '70's maybe? I was quick to inform him that regardless of the fact that he now has that pronounced Southern drawl he has always craved thanks to partial tongue paralysis, his memory function seems to be working perfectly since he was able to pull THAT phrase out of 30-year-old brain files!

When it rains, it REALLY DOES pour....

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