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Monday, December 06, 2004


  Tying Up Loose Ends...

Today is a big day for me. Postings and visits will be slim until later this afternoon...and then WATCH OUT! I'm comin' to visit! No need to pretty up. My house is a disaster and I'm in sweats so I don't expect anything more from my friends than what I'm able to give back.

I am skipping my weekly "Day Voluteering at School" because I am sending off my new and improved proposal and half my book to a great publisher that ACTUALLY REQUESTED IT! Can you believe it? I kept wanting to beg when they called, but all they really wanted was to give me the address to send it! And so, I'm focusing on that this morning. However, a few random loose ends that I wanted to tie up before I get to the "proofing and printing"...

1). I spent two hours yesterday writing the follow-up to the "What are you giving for Christmas" post. It took me almost two hours to get all 40 of the links set up, etc. It was great. I hit "Publish"...and got an ERROR SCREEN!!!!! It was gone. Out of there. Blogger was down and I didn't know. They don't warn you or anything. You just lose all of your work...and it happens about once a week.I've been so angry about losing the post that I haven't had the heart (or the time) to rewrite it. However, will try to post it tonight.

2) PLEASE go vote for our friends in the Weblog 2004 awards. You can vote once a day until Dec. 12. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

3) I had to go to the grocery store today, and thought I'd pick up my 2005 calendars. I LOVE these calendars. And, like my make-up, it's one-stop shopping. This one is SOOO cool. It is a hanging wall calendar. You keep up with all of your important dates and deadlines on it and you put all of your important papers, receipts, etc. in it. Then, at the end of the month, you punch along the perforation lines and it becomes a full-size file-folder! Is that cool or what? THIS one is going in my office (it's cuter and brighter than it looks in the pic).

This one is for my kitchen. I put all of my boys' papers and schedules on the kitchen calendar. I have used these calendars for about four years, and they save my life over and over again.

4) The Nutcracker is taking over my life! Between performances, rehearsals, TV appearances, etc., it is a full-time job playing chauffeur, laundry mistress, fitting in school and missed work in between. Please bear with me.... The boys will be finished on Dec. 14th, and then I will hopefully be able to breathe (and think!). Until then, if I seem scattered and out of sorts that's because I am...

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