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Friday, December 03, 2004


  ATTENTION! I'd Like To Ask For Your Vote....

Not for me. But for a few of my (our) friends who have been nominated for 2004 Weblog Awards. I'm going to make it easy for you--with links. All you have to do is click...and click. And you're done. These people make our little neighborhood a bit brighter and I hope you'll thank them with your votes.

And since you can vote in each category once a day through December 12th, feel free to "Vote Early, and Vote Often".

First up, in the Best Canadian Blog category, we have (...drum roll, please...) Michele! To vote for Michele, CLICK HERE. Please vote for her. She does everything within her power to promote her fellow bloggers through her "Site of the Day" game. This is our chance to tell her, "Thanks!". Plus, she is one of the most clever and entertaining bloggers around.

In the Best of the Top 1750-2500 Category, we have our lovely, optimistic and oh-so-elegant (Oh! And did I mention witty?) Vic at Always Victoria. CLICK HERE to show Victoria a bit of love...or a lot of love. Either way. She's always ready with a big smile and cyberhug.

Next up, in the Best of the Top 2500-3500 category, we have my buddy Joe, aka The Moderate Voice. CLICK HERE to show the world that good-sportsmanship, civility, and all things in moderation are still possible and not entirely out of fashion in American Politics.

And finally, I have read on numerous blogs that people don't think Dooce should be awarded Best Essayist. The reason? She wins EVERYTHING! I also readily admit that I nominated Kelly at FFS for the same award (and am a tad bit miffed that she was overlooked by "The Committee"). However, this "don't give it to her because we all already KNOW she's the best" thing? Sounds like a serious case of Tall Poppy Syndrome to me.

And so, my fellow Poppies, I have a request. If you BlogRoll Heather, aka Dooce, CLICK HERE and do the right thing. If you read Dooce and laugh yourself silly, CLICK HERE and do the right thing. This is a Tall Poppy test. If you can acknowledge Heather's talent and wish her the best even though "she always wins EVERYTHING", that's a really great thing. It takes a big person to do this. But, you my readers, are the tallest. So do the right thing and give Heather her due. Come on. Now is good....

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