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Sunday, December 05, 2004



My dear readers...I KNOW you're out there. I know you enjoy reading about life outside of DC because you keep coming back here every day. And I KNOW you want to send a message that there is MUCH more to life than partisan politics. Which is why I'm asking you to PLEASE vote once EVERY DAY until Dec. 12 for these friends of ours who are fighting (and in some cases, winning) an uphill battle in the 2004 Weblog Awards. They are each competing in separate categories, so no worries regarding loyalties. If each of you voted every day for the next week, several of our friends would win, no doubt.

To vote for Michele, click here.
To vote for The Moderate Voice, click here.
To vote for Always Victoria, click here.
To vote for Dooce, click here.
To read more about the Weblog Awards and our friends who have been nominated, click here.

Thanks for your support.

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