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Monday, December 27, 2004


  So...What'd the Jolly Guy Bring Ya'?

Hope your holidays were Happy!

It's the 2nd day after Christmas...And rather than being in "recovery" today, I spent the day at the hospital. Again. This time for Daddy's brain surgery. It was outpatient surgery and now he's back at home, telling the tale, garnering sympathy and playing his day's adventure for all it's worth. Can you imagine? Out-patient BRAIN SURGERY? Too weird. Wonderful! But weird nonetheless.

Anyway, I felt that a Christmas wrap-up was in order, and so I am going to tell ya' what I got, and then I wanna hear what YOU got (it's never too early to start my list for next year. Right?). So fess up. I promise not to get TOO jealous...

My Christmas gifts included a new cell phone (my only requirements were that it be tri-mode since we don't have phones in either of our other houses, and one is REALLY in the boonies) and that I be able to download the polyphonic "Sex and The City" ringtone into it. Childish, I know--but somewhere I read that Christmas IS for children. So Hubby humored me.

Then, the rest of my Christmas consisted of the suit that I picked out to wear to the Gov. Inauguration next week, the new coat I felt that I needed, and the accessories that Hubby and the boys picked out ALL BY THEMSELVES and surprised me with! So first, the suit: Black and white tweed with a wonderful little chiffony ruffle all the way around and a gorgeous rhinestone clasp at the waist. I LOVE this suit! (But did you notice the InkTech security tag that the saleslady left on the sleeve? Arrgghh!!!) Oh, and the little bee pin was a birthday gift from Son 1. Since this is the Beehive State, it will be the perfect little accessory for the inauguration.

Next, the coat. I fell in love with this little short black overcoat. The entire hem is scalloped--top to bottom. Without the scallops, it would have been a bit ho-hum. But with the scallops? SO ADORABLE (I think...).

And finally, these are my new earrings from Son 1. He has SUCH great taste in jewelry. They are little long-stem roses! So cute! Oh, Son 2 gave me a little sterling heart locket that is covered in rhinestones and has a little keyhole with a separate key that dangles to the side. I forgot to take a pic of it because I haven't taken it off since he gave it to me Christmas morning.

This year, I put out a "No Toys That I Can Step On or Have To Pick Up" edict. So we got an air hockey table, more games for the boys' SP's and three SMALL sets of Legos. The Lego's were supposed to be banned, but Mrs. Santa (aka The Grinch Who ALMOST Stole Christmas) gave in on the three small Harry Potter Lego sets. The boys have done a good job keeping them up off the floor for 2 DAYS! LOL! Wonder how long THAT will last...

All in all, it was a pretty good Christmas for me. So, tell me...What did Santa bring to YOU?

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