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Monday, October 11, 2004


  TechnoTunes MP3 Watch : So Cool!

TechnOtunes MP3 Watch

Ok, I am NOT much of a technology buff (as witnessed by the fact that my blog is STILL leaning to the left). BUT, check out this new watch/MP3 combo (it evidently comes in lime green as well, but I didn't see a link to it). I never jumped on the iPod wagon and the watch I usually wear is a $20 number from Steinmart (retro rhinestone encusted face with a pink leather band), so I MIGHT be able to justify this as a birthday or Christmas gift.

AND they are evidently coming out with
wireless headsets which would solve the Fashion Dilemna I would face if forced to ruin the lines of a perfectly charming outfit with black wires running obtrusively from my watch to my ears!

Other than that,
this little jive machine is calling my name!

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