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Tuesday, November 30, 2004


  These Are A Few Of My Favorite (Face) Things...

Yesterday as I was sprucing my face, I thought about how much I ABSOLUTELY LOVE a few of the products I use. And two of them are recent discoveries. I am a low-maintenance skin-care kind of girl--it's gotta be easy to appy and easy to buy (in the grocery store) or I'm not getting it. Most of my friends swear by expensive designer brands that you have to buy at the mall (I hate malls) or order from NYC (why?). But I learned long ago that all of the pros use the inexpensive stuff, and quite frankly I like the cheap stuff better. So, in the spirit of Oprah and Annie, I present to you today...

MY THREE (current) (relatively inexpensive) FAVORITE 'FACE' THINGS

1) L'Oreal Refinish Home MicroDermabrasion Kit: NEW DISCOVERY! I just bought this a little over a month ago and I LOVE it! I have used Alpha-Hydrox products for years, so my face may not be as sensitive as yours--use a light hand your first go. But it really does work. I have decent skin anyway, but this two step kit includes the Exfoliator (to scare away dry skin and fine lines) and a really GREAT moisturizer with SPF 15 and Vitamin E. It's quick (5 mins 2-3 times a week), relatively painless, and at $25 or less (a little over $1 per use) is significantly less than a $200-per-visit in-office microdermabrasion. Good plan, I say.

2) Revlon Eyeglide Shimmer--NEW SINCE JUNE--I LOVE this stuff--but I use it on my lips more often than my eyes. I own it in three shades--Nude, Bronze and Sandstone. (TIP: If have small girl children hovering about, you can convince them to do all sorts of cleaning and other cooperative tasks if you promise to give them a bit of your "Fairy Glitter" when they're done. I have one tube that I keep JUST to barter cooperation from my Sunday School class). When I use it on my eyes, I put a tiny bit on my finger and dab it across the bony area just above the crease in my lid. It adds just the right amount of sparkle. But mostly I use it on my lips over my lipstick. It stays as long as your lipstick does. I put on my Colorstay Lipcolor and then put a bit of the "shimmer" in the center of my lip-top and bottom. I keep the shimmer on the inner half of my lips (part closest to the opening)--makes my lips look moist and a tad bit luscious, I think.

3) Wet 'n' Wild Ultimate Bronzing Powder-- ( I couldn't find the link to the bronzer, but it looks just like the blush shown in the link except that it says "Bronzzer" across the clear area). I have been using this powder for about 10 years, and I NEVER leave home without it. It costs 2.99 at any grocery or drug store. BUY IT! I have fair to light skin and use the Light/Medium. This and mascara are the two things that I even wear to the gym. A couple of years ago, I did "The Today Show" and decided to let their make-up artist do my make-up. As I was sitting in the chair, I was checking out what she was using and, Ta-Da!--THERE was my favorite Wet 'n'Wild Bronzer on the makeup tray. I'm telling you, it's worth the three bucks to have that Sun-Kissed look goin' for you year round. And by the way, Katie swears by this mascara, but it 'runs' on me. So I prefer this mascara, which actually stays on my lashes--most of the time.

So, there you have it...a few of my favorite things for the face. Tomorrow? Well, I don't know. How 'bout we wait and see, shall we?

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