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Friday, November 26, 2004


  Thanksgiving Round-up

We're waiting...and we're waiting...and..."Isn't it done YET?"

First, let me say thank you to all of you who came by to say "Hello" yesterday, whether Michele sent you or you came by of your own volition. You showed why I am so thankful for THIS community...and I am indeed TRULY grateful.

Second, I will be returning to Ogden later today for part two of this. Will be back late tomorrow and will be checking in with everyone then.

Third, just wanted to follow-up on the second part of this post and let you know that Thanksgiving WAS, indeed, a laid-back one. I did find it necessary to spend several hours polishing silver and pressing linens. However, these are things that I consider to be prep work for the rest of the season, so it was time well spent.

We had our smallest Thanksgiving ever. I've never attended a Thanksgiving with fewer than 30 people present, with 40-60 being more common. This year, there were only five of us. But it was great. Hubby did all of the cooking and vaccuuming; I dusted, polished and pressed. Pretty easy. I also put two really tall topiaries two-thirds of the way down the table to cozy things up a bit. Without them, the table reminded me of those cinematic shots of a table that seats 40 with a lone man sitting at the end eating his dinner. I think it worked....

AND, yes, I DO toss my 170 year old silverware in the dishwasher along with my Wedgewood china and Waterford crystal (all on a "gentle" wash), and I don't think twice about it. I'm not afraid to admit it. My mother always did the same, and we haven't seen any problems. I also machine wash all of my linens. All but the tablecloth go in the dryer. Life's just WAY too short to spend half my holiday seasons cleaning up from the previous merriment. NO FUN! So in MY slightly unconventional world of Thanksgiving clean-up, life's good.

In response to Alex's comment about children who prefer to eat with straws rather than silverware on this post, I felt the need to share this:

My nine-year-old DIDN'T choose the straw, but he did find a clever way to put that extra fork on the left-hand side of his plate to good use. Hey! Give him a break...the guy doesn't like salad. That extra fork should be good for SOMETHING!

Well, we're off to Ogden. Only a light dusting of snow rather than the reported blizzard they were expecting earlier. See ya' Saturday!

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