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Sunday, November 28, 2004


  'Tis The Season...

for the "Is Santa Claus Real?" discussion...

On another blog, Annie was saying how she dreaded having this discussion with her fourth grader this year. And, boy, do I feel her pain. THIS is the discussion that occurred in my car this afternoon. Let me set this up for you: We just saw Polar Express on Saturday (which refreshed my children's brains on the topic). The boys were discussing Santa Claus and whether or not they were "going to believe in him this year". All-knowing eldest Son 1 is 9. Younger Son 2 is 7.

Son 1: Mom, why is it that some people don't believe in Santa Clause.
Me: Well, there are lots of reasons that they don't. A lot of times, their parents didn't believe in him, so they don't ever learn to, either. (A brief history of Saint Nicholas follows). But I always feel sorry for people who don't believe in Santa because then Santa doesn't ever come to visit them.
Son 2: Yeah, and that's why the next time my friends tell me that there isn't a Santa Claus, I'll just be quiet so that they don't make fun of me. But then I'll show them the presents I got from Santa after Christmas. They may change their minds when they see THAT.
Son 1: They'll just say that your parents gave you the presents. So then you'll have to tell them the truth: You'll have to admit that even your parents still believe in Santa Claus and THAT'S why Santa still comes to our house. But trust me...It's embarrassing.

I have but one request...don't judge me until you've walked a day in my shoes.

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