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Wednesday, December 29, 2004


  Out Of The Closet: Capelets, Ponchos and Fur

Courtesy of The New York Times
Photographed by Bill Cunningham

Last month, I purchased a fur capelet quite similar to the one in the center of this collage (though mine comes to a point in the front and back AND was, presumably, considerably less expensive..). I LOVE that capelet, as do my boys. It's flattering (since you can "see through" the sections that aren't fur and tell that I have a waist) and it's SO SOFT (which is why my boys like it!). However, Hubby HATES this trend. He dislikes poncho's in general, and finds wearing "fur" with jeans a bit odd.

Last night, Son 2 was feeling REALLY punk and asked me if I would rock him to sleep. YES, he's almost 8, is the size of a 10 year old, and has legs long enough that they hang off the side of the chair and touch the floor. But he IS still my baby, and he felt rotten, so I humored him. As we settled into our big leather rocking chair, he said, "Mommy, will you put on your "furry cape thing". I went to my dressing room, put on my poncho, and settled back into the chair with him. In a few minutes, he was sound asleep, snuggled up to my soft, furry poncho. No, I will never be able to get rid of that piece--EVER! No matter how much Hubby dislikes it, it's a piece that I will always love....

Unlike other collages from the NYT that always show AT LEAST a FEW misses, this one just screams "Fabulous!" to me. What do YOU think? I'm really interested to hear what the guys think about the whole poncho/fur trend, as well. Oh, and FYI, the caption reads:

"Fur boleros and capelets are being worn to the dinner table. These tiny, abbreviated evening wraps seen during holiday galas were not checked at the door. Many are in white mink, ermine and fox, and suggest the high-waisted proportions made popular by Empress Josephine in 1804."

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