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Wednesday, December 29, 2004


  Orange Poppy's Christmas "Shoe" Tree

Today, Orange Poppy mentioned that her son had posted some pictures from their Christmas festivities on his blog. I have known that Jenks had a (mostly political) blog for many months. However, I felt certain that he would NOT appreciate being spied upon by his mother's dear friend. And so I have resisted the urge to visit his blog OR make any reference to it here--until tonight.

I am sorry, Jenks. I would not normally intrude upon your little online refuge in this manner. HOWEVER, your Christmas pictures are just TOO irresistable not to share with our friends here at Tall Poppy Diaries--especially the fourth one. We promise to be good guests. We will stand in awe of your camera savvy, your wit and your mother's excellent taste. We will say "Hello", thank you for your hospitality and NOT pry into ANYTHING on your blog that you might not want your mother's friends to read. And then we will go. Right, guys? Yes. We will be excellent guests, indeed.

And so, please allow me to turn your attention to Jenk's Christmas pictures. Pay special attention to the Charlie Brown tree in the fourth picture. Yes, that is indeed a "Shoe Tree". Is that Orange Poppy clever or what? In the sixth picture, you MUST know that Kathy is MUCH lovelier than she looks in that photo, and Mr. Orange Poppy--SIGNIFICANTLY more debonnaire. (Jenks, for future reference, one should ONLY take pictures from below of those individuals whom you dislike A LOT or those whom you wish to subject to unmerciful extortion. I'm just sayin'...).

In the next photo, you can catch (only) a glimpse of the incomparable Orange Poppy. And in the final photo, you will see a photo taken by Jenks NOT during a vacation in Hawaii (as the caption would suggest), but rather from the beach house that he lives in. Alone. Spending every moment of his spare time studying and blogging. EVERY. MOMENT. What a rough, med student life he does lead....

Thanks again for your hospitality, Jenks. You were swell to let us drop by. And Sig, Carl and Alfred, I know... I KNOW Christmas is over. But I just COULDN'T resist sharing the Shoe Tree with my friends here. I. Couldn't. Resist. And if I am correct in my assumption, Sig won't be able to resist a peek either.... Come on, Sig. You KNOW you want to look...

UPDATE: I admit it...I was drawn to Katie's post on the left sidebar entitled "100% Southern". So I clicked, I read and I took the test. I'm only 94% Southern (I never have had a strong twang--Just enough that acquaintances would say, "You're from....hmmm...TEXAS! Right?" Not...but close.) However, the test results did ask me, "Is General Lee Your Father?", so I MUST still be Southern enough. So how about you...did you succomb and take the test?

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