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Friday, November 19, 2004


  Favorite Purses--A Five-Fer

What a bargain I have for you today. Back in October when I did this post, I responded with six rather than only three photos that were requested. Then I had to take that post down because of some unwelcome visits from a Creepy Stalker Guy (and, yes, the photos I posted yesterday will be short-lived online as well for the same reason). But I digress...

During that little "request period",
Annie said:
I would choose a photo of your house, because I like to see where people live, your office because I like to see people work, and your favorite handbag, because I think you probably have really good taste!

Well, I have finally gotten my act together and taken pics of my favorite handbags. You see, I couldn't choose just one. So here are three of my four favorite handbags.

Wild Poppies by Isabella Fiore--This purse is my favorite everyday bag from late Spring to early Fall. It is big enough to fit entirely too many things inside, and it goes with virtually anything in my Spring, Summer, and Fall wardrobes--except pink. You might think this would be a problem. However, I have been known to carry it with some of my pink stuff, too. And oddly, it works. Not only is this the most fun AND versatile handbag I own, but it is a sentimental favorite as well since it was a gift from my fabulous in-town friend Gail (who is here EVERY DAY, but refuses to let her presence be known--maybe the rest of you can shout her out?) and my wild and wonderful Aussie buddy Susan. Can you say L-U-C-K-Y in the Friends Department?

Okay, I admit it--it's an Embarrassment of Riches. This little bag was ALSO a gift from a soulmate. My sweet precious friend Laura, who is one of the most outrageously stylish people on the planet, made this bag for me--in my favorite colors, Pink and Green. (That gives me an idea for a blog post--"10 Lessons I've Learned While Traveling with Laura". Oh my. You'd be so amazed) The Flower and Leaves are silk ribbon. It's tiny, but I can fit my credit cards, i.d., lipstick, cell phone, powder and brush inside. And it gets A LOT of attention.

This morning as I was posting the pictures, I realized that my "favorites" are currently out of season. So I thought I would be lazy and go on the Brighton website to show you the two purses I carry all winter. Unfortunately, one of them is out of production. But this is "Helen"--my other winter favorite. It is black, big enough to stick paperwork in, and goes with pretty much everything. My other favorite is also a Brighton and is brown woven leather with black woven leather trim.

Next, as I was taking my purses off the wall for their moments in the glare of the camera, I saw my favorite hat hanging patiently--waiting for her moment of glory. How could I refuse? So below you will find a picture of my favorite hat. It's a dark exposure, but the hat is lavendar and beige hand-dyed with lavendar and beige silk-satin bows and flowers. I hardly ever wear lavendar, but this hat just screams to be placed on my head! So I have a lavendar suit and a lavendar linen shift dress that I bought so that I could wear the hat.

And here she is...my favorite topper!

Finally, I got an e-mail from Brighton today that I thought was kind of cute. It lists all of their purses by name so that you can look up your name and see the purse that goes with it. So here's the link in case you're curious.... Have a happy day!

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