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Wednesday, November 17, 2004


  Sharing the Joy

In the interest of Sharing the Joy, I want to share a few things that have made me smile this morning. I'll add to it throughout the day:

1) Michele (did she send YOU here, too?) features Tall Poppy Diaries in her "Aortal Promote a Wonderful Site" box today. I don't know what that is, but it sounds REALLY good...as does virtually everything else that Michele says. Simple things become curiously fascinating when Michele writes them.
2) Oh, and speaking of Michele--have you stopped by her party? All the cool kids (77 of them at last count) are there. Drop by, grab a drink and make a few new friends. And...tell her Pink Poppy sent you.
3) Christie's latest e-catalogues for this auction and this one. Will I buy anything offered here? Probably not. But it makes me happy to be able to see these works of art as they pass from one home to another. And, seriously, a lot of these pieces are very affordable. Christie's catalogues are glimpses of beautiful objects that I would never see otherwise. And the portraits of children, especially, make me smile.
4) The commercial for Spanglish.
5) Ellen DeGeneres.
6) Africanuck's posts about her new home in Cairo. Can you imagine just looking out a window and being surrounded by pyramids? Read all of the posts from the bottom up on the main page. Too cool.
7) This post by Kelly over on FFS. Too funny. And sadly true.
8) This post by Dooce. Sort of an inside joke. And I shouldn't be laughing. Please don't tell anyone West of the Mississippi that I was laughing.
9) This post from Melissa at Suburban Bliss.

More later....

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