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Sunday, November 14, 2004


  Play the Game. Win the Links.

Dear Readers, Today's New York Times features a "Fall Coats" slide show (photos below) that I found less than inspiring. I confess--I would wear ONE of these coats almost any day of the week. There are two additional ones that I would LOVE to have to wear for fun. The rest of them? NOT!!!

So here is your challenge--
Guess which coat I would LOVE to have to wear almost every day AND which two I would love to wear for fun. I will BlogRoll you (if I haven't already) if you leave your best guess. If you get all three guess right, I will find an inspired way to link to your site every day for a week. So get busy guessing. The game ends Monday night (tomorrow) at midnight.

Click on pictures to enlarge them.

Coat 1--Charles Nolan, $648 at Saks Fifth Avenue

Coat 2--Banana Republic, $298

Coat 3--Trina Turk, $400, Saks Fifth Avenue

Coat 4--Postcard, $658, SearleNYC

Coat 5--Nanette LePore, $482, call 212-219-8265

Coat 6--Biya, $749, Gatsby's in Great Barrington, MA. Call 413-528-9455

Coat 7--Maurizio Pecoraro, $8,298, Henri Bendel

Coat 8--J. Crew, $398

Hint: One of these coats would be perfect were participating in the activity that Bridget Jones traveled with Mark Darcy to take part in "Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason". Unfortunately, since there are gross similarities between Bridget's performance and mine, I smartly choose to refrain from such participation which makes that particular coat an unnecessary component in my wardrobe.

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