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Tuesday, November 16, 2004


  And The Winners Are....

The answers to the Fall Coat Quiz are:

Coat 1--For Everyday. I LOVE this color! That would be enough to grab me right there. But the unusual design features (the tucks, the collar and the slightly flared sleeves) had me at "Hello". Good guesses Michele, Annie, Kate and Pink Sun Drops (whom I am SO happy to see back after a very long sabbatical). Honorable mention to Kelly (who obviously KNEW the answer but didn't vote) and Emily (who loved THIS coat best, but thought I would choose #2).

Coat 5--For Fun! Yes, this did remind me of this post (a hot trend that I still have yet to buy into). I could see this coat worn over a black velvet shell and black velvet pants. I would SOOO wear this. A lot. Good guesses to Emily, Elisa Michele and Stumblebee.

Now, this one stumped everyone--but me, of course. Should I wonder about my Style Quotient? Is it so obnoxious that nobody else on the planet would wear it? I would wear it--to Park City. AND I would SOOO wear it to Sundance, if I were willing to spend $5000 on a coat that I'd wear a few times a year. It's...

Coat 7--For Posh Resort wear. Since I gave up skiing on my first date with Hubby (a former ski racer/patrolman who walked sideways down the mountain with me for 3 hours while our friends-- and several pre-schoolers--whizzed past us), I DRESS to go to the mountains. I LOVE all of the beading on the sleeves and on the silk belt (click photo to enlarge for better detail). I'm not crazy about the heavy stones that trim it (I would prefer a continuation of the pretty sleeve beading instead), but I would wear this out for the evening up in the mountains, for sure.

Now, it seems that Elisa, Michele, MR Hester, Kate and Girl from Florida all thought that this coat would be my other favorite:

Coat 6

I will admit that, the more I looked at it, but more it grew on me. I would probably wear it over solid black if it mysteriously appeared in my closet. But living in the freezing cold Rocky Mountains, Coat 7 seemed the more practical choice.

As for the other coats, they would have been SO unattractive on me. I am tall (5'10") so I can wear lots of odd and funky things. But I gave up my Size 6's after my first child was born and am now a comfortable Size 12. Unless you are a size 6 or smaller, none of the other coats would be very flattering IMHO. Wide, horizontal lines? Monstrous plaids? They would be SO wrong on me. #2 isn't bad. It's actually quite nice. However, that peachy pink is a little ho-hum for me.

And so, this latest game comes to a close. Nobody chose #7 (hmmm. A hint, perhaps?), but both Michele and Emily got 2 out of 3 correct. And so, during the course of the week I will find a clever way to link to each of you AT LEAST once and will BlogRoll the rest of you for being such clever and courageous fashion divas. Thanks for playing!

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