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Sunday, August 29, 2004


  Vineyard Vines: Tie Trends Transcend Politics

In the continued push toward fashion reminiscent of the 80's, the NYT Style Section features a story about men's ties that will illicit a deja' vu moment for anyone over the age of 30. Vineyard Vines ties featuring whales, sailboats, golfclubs and other Preppy fashion statements are back in a huge way. In political circles, they are the must-have accessory for men. The story lists dozens of top political insiders who are wearing little else (in the way of TIES, anyway...). And several groups are commissioning VV to make ties sporting their club and group logos.

In addition to their regular line-up of special commissions emblazoned with university logos and mascots, they have designed Elephant and Donkey ties for the campaign season. So if your guy is an armchair politico and you're looking for the right gift for a birthday or anniversary, you might want to do what political wives are doing and check out
Vineyard Vines.

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