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Tuesday, August 24, 2004


  First Day of School Today--NOT!

One of a Tall Poppy's greatest strengths is that she has the ability to laugh at herself at times when others with less spine might be tempted to hide under a rock. Well, the next few days will test my spine, for sure. You see, I don't know how this happened, but today I sent my children to school ON THE BUS for their first day of school, only the first day of school isn't until TOMORROW!!!

I have had this date on our calendar for months. We have scheduled our social plans around today being the first day of school. We had the parent's Back-To-School meeting at the school last night. I even double checked with my second-grader's teacher: "The only thing my son needs to bring to school tomorrow is his backpack, right?" She replied, "Yes".

My fourth grader got up so excited to ride the bus to school today for the first time in his life. We had breakfast, put on the clothes, took the "first day of school" pictures--the whole nine yards. I took the boys to the new bus stop and we waited for the bus. I thought it was odd that there were no other children at the bus stop, but since we have never had a bus before and since there are several stops in our neighborhood, I figured the other children were using a different stop. Sure enough, at 7:28, the bus came by, picked up my children, and off they went to school.

We have two different parties tonight that I have to make food for, so I went off to the store to pick up the fixings. I came home, put things in the fridge, came upstairs and started checking e-mail.

Suddenly, I hear little boy footsteps coming up the stairs! TWO little boys! How could this be? They were laughing so hard as my second grader told me the tale:

They got on the bus and eventually ended up at another (year-round) school. The bus driver asked them why they weren't getting off the bus, and my boys explained that they went to a different school! The sweet bus driver took them to their school where it was confirmed by the first grade teacher (who, of course will make sure that everyone knows what I did by lunchtime)--no school today. So rather than calling me and saying, "What are you thinking? Come get your kids!", the bus driver brought them all the way back home in the school bus and dropped them off on our doorstep!

Hubby and I have been trying to double check the start date for the last week, but the school system schedule has been "down". Today, sure enough, it gives the start date for our school as tomorrow! Aaarrgghh!!! Would anyone want to be ME today?

This is NOT how I wanted to start off the school year!

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