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Sunday, August 22, 2004


  NYT: Making Sure Hollywood's Nouveau Riche Stay Riche

If you have ever been the "rich kin", the "rich friend" or simply suffer from (not so latent) guilt over your success or good fortune in life, click on the title link above or here ( New York Times story) to read a somewhat therapeutic tale. It introduces a new HBO show called "Entourage" that deals with the pitfalls of youthful success and excess from a Hollywood business manager's point of view.

It's good to occasionally remind yourself that it isn't your "fault" that you were more successful than your (insert appropriate individuals here: Parents, siblings, friends, business associates, 2nd cousins twice removed), and you don't have to go broke paying people off in exchange for their "loyalty". If you often get invited to dinner by friends who are then happy to "let" you pay the bill, or if you suffer from an overwhelming need to toss gifts and cash at people around you so that they won't think you're stingy, this article (and maybe this show) is for you.

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