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Monday, August 23, 2004


  Take The Bloginality Personality Test...

Okay, as the child of a child psychologist, I grew up with a lot of psychobabble. I also think that I am pretty self-aware. Therefore, I can't say that I was blown away by the results of this personality test (Bloginality). However, it is fascinating to answer FOUR QUESTIONS and read a dozen pages of explanations and descriptions of your personality type.

The descriptions tell you what types of work you are best suited to (all of my previous and current jobs were on the list), and tells you what you are like personally and professionally, which I found to be mostly accurate--including the less appealing parts! I find the less appealing parts of my personality helpful to read about because not only does it make me more aware of my weaknesses (which in theory should make it easier to compensate for them) but it gives you a pretty great excuse for some of your shortcomings that might drive your mate insane ("But honey, my personality type just IS NOT wired to clean house! Seriously. See, it says right here...")

So click one of the Bloginality links in this post (the red ones) and find out a little bit more about who YOU are!

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