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Thursday, August 26, 2004


  Stop or Start the Political Mudflow--Take Your Pick Here

At a party the other night, I was talking to several men (including my husband) and the conversation, of course, was destined to turn to Presidential politics.

One guy (a Repub.) said to me, "So, I guess you've got a Kerry bumper sticker on your car."
Me: Actually, no.
Him: So, you don't like bumper stickers? Or you don't like Kerry?
Me: I don't like bumper stickers and I do like Kerry. I don't necessarily share his politics, but I like him just fine.
Him: So, you ARE a Democrat? Or are you a Republican?
Me: I'm Disenfranchised.
Him: (Prolonged silence).
Second Guy: Wow! That's a conversation killer! There is NOTHING that you can say to that.
(And on to another subject...)

These days, that's just the way I like it. I'm tired of the gutter politics that have enveloped my beloved political world. However, I firmly believe in everyone's right to their own opinion and, evidently, I'm not alone. Here is a link ( Don't Talk While I'm Interrupting ) to a cheeky article on the News and Record website by Ed Cone.

Cone prefaces the "list" by saying:

I'm offering up this guide to modern political speech. It's a bipartisan,
multimedia template that works for any point of view on the partisan spectrum, in any venue. Forget talking points -- these are shouting points.

I think all of us can relate to the talking points according to Cone.

PS: The Moderate Voice (where I got tuned into the Cone story above) has a plethora of new links to stories of interest to those of all political persuasions.

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