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Friday, August 27, 2004


  My Favorite Back-to-School Fashions

It's always a quandary to try to figure out what will be fashionable for school that you would actually let your child wear! I wait to go back-to-school clothes shopping until I have had a few days to compare and contrast what "I" like with what the other kids at school are wearing. Having had a few days to check out the scene at the bus stop, here are some of my favorites:
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Girl's Back to School
My #1 Favorite Look for girls: Hannah (almost 10) in a white ruffle shirt , pleated khaki skirt (not too long, but not too short), vintage jean jacket, white socks and black mary janes--all from the Gap. Without the jacket, the look would have been too "sweet", but with the jacket, it was a showstopper and indicative of the hip twist on traditional that will be so popular this fall.
The Crowd Favorite: Elizabeth in a Pink ruffle-hemmed Marilyn Top from Knitworks (JC Penney) worn with a white denim skirt and pink satin sneakers from Old Navy. The hot pink shoes worked with the bubble-gum pink top because Elizabeth wore a headband, necklace and backpack that all brought in the hot pink from the shoes. The girls loved the sequin-centered flower on the top and the satin shoes. One kindergartner said, "They're like princess shoes, only she can run in them".

My #1 Favorite Look for Boys: OK, let's face it...boy's clothing just isn't as much "fun" as girl's. But my favorite look for back to school this season is virtually identical to what I have liked for 25 years-- polo shirts with khaki shorts and white sneakers (I saw several kids in the Nike Fleet Center high-top, though Reebok, Adidas and others were also well represented). Boys are moving away from black sneakers and baggy "ghetto" jeans. Most of the sharpest-dressed boys were wearing fashions from The Gap, Old Navy, Polo, and Land's End. The new stain and wrinkle resistant khaki pants from Gap and Old Navy are practical and big hits with moms, though jeans still seem to be the favorite choice for long pants.

Just for fun, I asked my friends with girls if they had any favorite picks for colder weather. These were a few standouts:

Way Funky Pink Velour fur-trimmed jacket--This jacket is so funky and SOOO much fun. Plus, at Overstock.com, the price is right.
Steve Madden Boots --It's hard to resist Steve Madden, and his boots for girls are all the rage for cold weather. Check out the Pom Pom Boots and the Floral Boots, two local favorites for ski season.
For the Preschool Baby: Gap ruffle trimmed velour jacket with matching pants.

And if you're still looking for the perfect picks, check out this NYT Back To School Fashion story.

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