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Friday, September 17, 2004


  Lilly Pulitzer Blogging Blowout

The Lilly Pulitzer Collection
Photo Courtesy of PeppermintPalm.com

Ok, for those of you who come to this site specifically looking for Lilly Pulitzer links (and there are so many of you!), this one's for you. IF THE LETTERING IS RED, IT'S A LINK:

The Lilly Pulitzer 2004 Summer Collection

The Lilly Pulitzer 2004 Fall Collection

Jennifer Connelly is Tied to the Cure.

Lilly Pulitzer "Tied To The Cause" Scarf benefitting the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation--This scarf is absolutely fabulous and the colorways work with both Lilly's Summer and Fall lines. Such great colors! I love mine.

Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation (including links to the Race for the Cure Site)

The Lilly Pulitzer Photo Album--If you love Lilly, you'll love this online photo album of Lilly customers wearing her fashions. From babies to Grandmas, Daughters and Daddy's (with Daddy's wearing their Lilly ties),this album may inspire you to take your own photo to submit.

Vanity Fair Article from July, 2003 Vanity Fair--This article traces Lilly Pulitzer's life from birth, through childhood and on to her careers as model and designer. If you are one of the numerous people searching for Lilly Pulitzer Childhood or Lilly Pulitzer's Childhood, this is your link.

"In The Pink" article from Town and Country on Lilly and her book, "Essentially Lilly"

The "Essentially Lilly" Book of Entertaining--Lilly's book filled with tips for giving fabulous parties and entertaining with grace, along with Lilly's ideas for gardening, decorating, and dressing for success.

Lilly Pulitzer--A Short Bio

Vintage Lilly Pulitzer clothing--In addition searching the normal haunts, like eBay, check out this site called Retrodress. Most of the Lilly Pulitzer items will be found in dresses, separates, Other, and accessories.

Lilly Pulitzer Linens--Check out Lilly Pulitzer's Linen's collection. It's hard to go wrong with Lilly's collection if you're yearning to bring the outdoors in.

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