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Tuesday, September 14, 2004


  It's Cotillion Time!

A group of my son's 4th grade classmates are enrolling together for Cotillion class this year. The program here is run by Jon D. Williams Cotillions. This is the same program that the Air Force Academy makes a mandatory course requirement for cadets. I've heard good things about it and there are about 10 children in my son's class who are all attending together. I can't wait to see all of the little girls in their fancy dresses and white gloves and the "wild men" in their coats and ties.

In case you aren't familiar with Cotillion, it's a program to teach young people ettiquette, social skills, basic ballrom dance, etc. The Jon D. Williams Cotillions website explains:

"The days of the stuffy, cloistered dance classes are over. By educating our students in a party atmosphere, learning becomes a positive, enjoyable experience; an experience that our students can put to practical use the next time they are introducing themselves, or the next time an adult stops by the family table in a restaurant. And of course, they will also be dance stars at the next family wedding. These are practical skills that our students willuse their entire lives; skills that will make them feel comfortable anywhere, from a school social to the White House."

The kids are excited about it, though the "I'm not dancing with a girl/boy" stuff is inevitable. That ends after their first class, and they are always really excited for their next "party". They will stay in the program through 6th grade here (which is odd to me, since that is when it usually starts in the South).

In some areas, the local Cotillions are led by a Cotillion Committee and are more of a word of mouth thing. However, programs like the one we have here are becoming more common. This is the 21st year for our program here, and we don't have a Cotillion Committee. If you're interested in finding Cotillion classes for children in your area, you can start by clicking on these links to see if there is a program near you:

Jon D. Williams Cotillions

California Junior Cotillion

Gollatz Cotillions and Social Programs

The Cotillion Group

The National League of Junior Cotillions

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