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Thursday, September 16, 2004


  And Now, A Few Words From My Friends...

I am bogged down with book work and motherhood today (three trips to work at the school in three days just wasn't enough), so my brain is a bit foggy. Good thing that some of my friends are up to the challenge. Below you'll find links to some interesting posts from a few of my Blogging Buddies that I thought you'd find interesting. If the lettering is red (or hot pink), it's a link:

If you are as relieved as I am that good style and good manners are making a comeback, Mr. Netiquette has a link in this post to an article about what's in, what's out and who's setting the rules.

If you love/despise Britanny Spears, love/despise Lindsay Lohan, or if you just happened to be wondering which wafer-thin celebs are promoting McDonald's-France's version of Le Happy Meal, Rancelot is your ticket. He, of course, has lots of other celebrity schtick in his archives.

If politics (left, center or right), information on ADHD in children and adults, the CBS Document Scandal (they've supposedly been traced to a Texas Kinko's now), the US Congress' new payraise that they just voted for themselves, or a detailed map of The Simpson's hometown of Springfield is your cup of tea today, The Moderate Voice is the place you want to be.

Go check 'em out, and I will hopefully be back this evening with an updated installment on Lilly Pulitzer, the most widely searched for post topic (22 Googles for her here in 5 days) on Tall Poppy Diaries this week. Is there something up with Lilly that I should know? Back with this answer and much more tonight!

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