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Friday, September 10, 2004


  BlogShares: What's Your Blog Worth?

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The other day, Annie posted this message about finding out she was listed on BlogShares, a relatively new Fantasy Stock Market for Blogs, and that she owned shares in some of her favorite blogs. I didn't have time to investigate BlogShares that day...

But yesterday, I was Googling my blog for the first time (it's surprising to see what pops up about you when you do that) and I came across a Google entry about Tall Poppy Diaries being listed on BlogShares. I, of course, had to investigate. What I found was fascinating! I haven't had time to really figure out how to play the BlogShare "game". But I found out that Annie owns a piece of me (or of my blog, at least). Oh, the pressure!

Plus, I got a "gift" of 100 shares in BlogShares from Alex Dunn (who writes this really great blog), which raised my net worth into the $2 million+ range (I won his "newbie lottery)...and I did a bit of stock buying of my own.

You should click on a BlogShare link in this post and check out your own blog's market worth for yourself! Though I don't think this will become an obsession for me, it's a fun, occasional read, for sure.

UPDATE: Mr. Netiquette bought out all of my BlogShares shares in a Hostile Take Over and made me a millionaire 4 times over. I wrote him to explain that I wasn't sure, but I thought I owed him a "Thank You". Then he bought all of the remaining shares in my blog. And, finally, he left an artefact on my site that increased my blog's worth considerably. Mr. Netiquette's motto is "Be Kind Online". Until someone informs me otherwise, I will assume that his recent actions regarding my blog were simply his way of practicing what he preaches.

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