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Saturday, September 11, 2004


  9/11, Iraq and Tall Poppy Syndrome

This weekend, American's have paused to remember the devastating toll our country paid three years ago for being a Tall Poppy among nations. Some argue that America is the world's bully--and, sadly, she occasionally hands them evidence to corroborate their theory. However, there is a much larger stockpile of evidence that proves otherwise. And isn't that true of most Tall Poppies, whose competition is certain that Tall Poppy is the Devil Incarnate just because they are jealous of her success? Even when there is a mountain of evidence showing Tall Poppy to be thoughtful, helpful and compassionate, you'll never convince her detractors that she isn't evil.

Many are jealous of America's success, freedom, and power. As a result, they are incapable of seeing the good that she does on behalf of nations in need or how vital her hard-earned capital is to their own economies. They hate America because she has grown a bit too high in the field and gets a little too much attention for their liking.

Like all Tall Poppies, America is imperfect. America makes mistakes. But unlike the Weeds who want to choke her, America should temper her anger with justice; evil with good. I don't know how the War in Iraq will fare historically. I fear that America's ability to "right past wrongs" overshadowed her need to move forward with diplomacy, forethought and resolve. The War on Terror must be fought decisively and thoughtfully. But if I were a member of a 9/11 family, I think I would be confused as to where the War in Iraq fit into America's plan to counter my family's loss.

Thousands died on 9/11 because a few Weeds decided it was time to chop America back down to size. They believe that America is the neighborhood bully. We should never allow the Weeds to get the best of us. We should fight against those who would harm us, and bring those who have offended us to justice. However, we should also remember which characteristics differentiate Tall Poppies from Weeds. When we use Weed-like tactics to reach a result of our choosing, we lose stature in the World and strength here at home. And a shriveled Tall Poppy is no longer Tall, at all.

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