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Sunday, September 12, 2004


  Great Style News Abounds!!!

Tall Poppies everywhere can celebrate with me this week. Good taste and great style are on docket for Fall. Make sure to check this list of Fall 2004 Fashion must haves, then relax and enjoy...Life is good!

1) NYT: Now You See It, Now You Don't: The NYT Style gurus are proclaiming that the reign of the thong is "over". Out with the thong, in with the silky, sassy, wide-lace edged boy-short (which, like the thong, vitually eliminates panty lines).

2) Brooches Are All The Rage For Fall, and they're affordable, too!: I just bought three gorgeous specimens on eBay for a grand total of $38.88. How much more affordable can fashionable accessories get? Tips: look for Brooches that at least look antique and are at least 2" in diameter; Buy them in odd numbers so you can wear them all together on a tweedy fall jacket; If you're shopping on eBay, I get my best deals on Sunday--I guess I'm the only heathen online (I'm hoping I'm buying myself a bit of grace teaching Primary Sunday school?).

3) Spring 2005 Lines are Silky, Feminine and Oh-So-Wearable: I love the styles for fall, with their 50's flair and lady-like cuts. Now we know that Spring 2005 will be just as fabulous. Look for more coverage than recent Spring lines, lots of chiffon and silk, and loads of detail. Does it get any better than this?

4) One Fur Stole + One Yard of Satin= One Fabulous Wrap: My friend Leslie is a shopper extraordinaire. Her favorite haunt: A Salvation Army store in a major US city. Last year, she gave me a beautiful mink stole that she found on an SA shopping spree (no, I don't find mink stoles at my SA store either). I have sewn double-layered 6" wide black satin ties on either end of the stole, which tie together in a gorgeous bow. The version I copied: $275. The one I just revamped: Priceless. Thanks, Leslie!

4) Reese Witherspoon Is Good For Business: As I mentioned in my August 19th post, Reese Witherspoon loves monogrammed linens. First she mentioned it in this month's Vanity Fair; then it came up again on Ellen (the Ellen Degeneres show) the other day. In the last week, searches to my business site for monogrammed linens (and the subsequent business they brought) are up 25%. Coincidence? Maybe, except that two customers mentioned that they thought about ordering after seeing Witherspoon on Ellen. Hmmm....

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