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Tuesday, September 14, 2004


  Celebs: Check Your Teeth...You're Going Glossy!

Could it get any worse for celebrities? Or any better for anyone who is out of work and can get their hands on a camera? The newspaper industry is going glossy--with their celebrity photo galleries, anyway. The NYT reports:

As The New York Post continues to notch circulation gains against its rival, The Daily News, The News is fashioning a weapon that it hopes will protect its lead, at least on Sundays: a glossy, 48-page magazine mostly made up of photos of celebrities captured at parties in and around New York.

To be known as 25 Hours, the magazine, which will be produced by The News and feature the work of its photographers, is expected to appear as an insert beginning Sunday, Oct. 3, the same day that the paper will begin carrying the latest incarnation of Life magazine.

In an interview Friday, Jayne Gould, the editor of 25 Hours, who came from London's Fleet Street, said that the magazine would contain little writing beyond the captions necessary to identify the faces at the city's book parties, record releases and movie premieres.

Gould said in the article, "New York has so many events going on that are just not reported." It is certain that this is only the beginning of a trend to turn our already over-zealous tabloid industry into the next Fleet Street machine. Plus, it will pressure traditional print media to follow suit, at least to some extent.

I guess the good news is that a lot of people who WANT to get attention will have a better chance at doing so. Unfortunately, there will also be a lot more crazy guys running around, hiding in bushes to get the next scandalous shots of celebrities.

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