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Sunday, September 05, 2004


  How The BBC Helped Me Waste FIVE Hours of My Vacation

WARNING: Africanuck, Princessr9, Sass, Grace (am I forgetting anyone? Oh, and Annie) and any other unsuspecting readers with a propensity toward procrastination--This post may prove impossible to resist if you need to do anything other than sit at your computer for the next hour or so. As your friend, I am suggesting that you skip this post. NOW!

As I was saying, hubby took Sons camping this afternoon so that I could get my office cleared out for the contractors to come in on Tuesday and fix my walls and floor. Great! Except that I spent two hours on the phone with Orange Poppy and another almost two hours taking
BBC surveys and reading the results! Thanks for the VERY untimely diversion, Pink Sun Drops, you high-achiever, you.

Anyway, as a firm believer that a bit of introspection and self-evaluation is a GOOD thing, this is just a sample of what I learned about myself today from the
BBC Surveys:

I've got top-dollar millionaire potential. Hubby will be thrilled.

I was supposed to marry an extrovert. (Introvert) Hubby will be thrilled.

I was genetically predisposed and environmentally programmed to marry someone significantly older than me. It's all here under the heading "Harmful Genetic Traits". EUREKA! Another mystery of the universe solved.

My Moral Compass score is in the highest category of social reasoning. Hey! That means that I really AM "Fair and Balanced".

My nose distinctly remembers growing up in the 1930's. According to the experts, the list of smells that I remember from my childhood was NOT CORRECT! However, when you compare the smells that the experts say we 1960's and 70's children should remember with the smells that the survey respondents actually remembered from childhood, the experts only agreed with the respondents an average of 15% of the time. So, just thinking 'aloud' here, but wouldn't that make the EXPERTS INCORRECT instead of me? Just curious....

My Personality Flavour is a twisted hyperbole wrapped in an enigma.

So is it any wonder that I didn't really fit into ANY of the 16 Personality Categories in this test?

I am Enterprising and Artistic, but should avoid any careers involving Realism and Conventionalism. Duly noted.

I'm one, complex Renaissance Woman--equal parts Interpersonal Thinker, Intrapersonal Thinker and Existentialist. It sounds VERY impressive, but I think it means that I do lots of talking and thinking, but not much else.

My Brain Thinks Like a Male AND a Female. I hope that simply makes me well-rounded? (You know, my Flavour said I was VERY feminine!) I'm starting to see some discrepancies emerge...

I know a Fake Smile when I see one! 15 out of 20--and this one is HARD!

I think there were a few more, but now that I have spent another 45 minutes typing this post, it would probably behoove me to just stop now and get back to organizing, cleaning and moving. Besides, I need to have my wits about me tomorrow when I write my very compelling argument opposing the Wearing of White Shoes After Labor Day! Hey, you can't say that I don't have my priorities in order.

Oh, and about one final unavoidable pre-disposition, easily traced back to the womb: Did I mention that my father is a Psychologist? The things we do to our children.

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