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Thursday, September 02, 2004


  Of Hair Parts, Personalities and Perceptions

I won't bore you by describing the circuitous route that I took to find this information today, but suffice to say that I found this piece on The Hair Part Theory interesting enough that I am posting about it here. Having spent 20 minutes perusing the minutia describing the hair parts of Presidents, Members of Congress, and other celebrities, I have reached a few conclusions of my own:

1) There may be something to the fact that OTHERS perceive you as more feminine or masculine, depending on where you part your hair, but I don't think a hair part is necessarily an indicator of ones personality traits. I usually part my hair on the right and I am feminine. Connection? I don't know.
2) Next time I want to be taken more seriously, I may swing my part to the left and test out the theory. Though generally, when I have put effort into being taken seriously in the past, I have had excellent results altering my presentation to take on a more business-like tone while keeping my hair part on the right. So I don't know that I would be a good indicator of the theory's efficacy.
3) I know many of the subjects of the "political figures" study and I can find little correlation between the personalities of the people studied and their hair parts. In other words, there are quite a few mean, insensitive, self-absorbed guys who part their hair on the right and many thoughtful, sensitive approachable guys who part their hair on the left.
4) This theory should be turned over to PrimeTime Live for one of their "We sent five left-parts and five right-parts to interview for the same job, and here's what we found out" expose's.
5) I'll be paying more attention to my boy's parts when I blowdry their hair.

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