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Saturday, September 04, 2004


  Lessons I Learned from Tall Poppies This Week

1) Miss Universe: I'm grateful that when my top fell down while I was dancing on stage in front of 300+ spectators in 11th grade, I wasn't Miss Universe. Her grace in handling her skirt "malfunction" was admirable. The Aussies should be proud.

2) Also from Miss Universe: G-strings are now considered modesty-saving devices. Seriously! It says, "While her modesty was saved by a G-string...". Go back and read it AGAIN! What's the world coming to?

3) Paul Hamm: Tall Poppies are diplomats, not doormats. Medals are won on the mats, but respect is earned in the Field. Go Paul, Go!

4) Serena Williams: Some "Rules" are made to be broken, but if you're gonna break 'em, do it with panache! And I must say, those boots were made for... something!

5) Etiquette : Etiquette and her friends (you know Emily, Amy and the rest of the old guard) are making a comeback (etiquette internet searches were up 24% in the last week). Hits on my etiquette posts are consistently high, as well. So, this week I learned that lots of other people share my little obsession with traditional manners and values... and that's a GOOD thing!

6) Lee at Oh No The Blog: My kind of guys do still exist, it's just that the term "gentleman" is passe'. They are heretofore referred to as Retrosexuals. (Couldn't get the trackback to work: This post is on the main page and is titled "Going Retro On Your Toochas")

I also learned a few lessons from Weeds this week, but I don't care to give them any publicity from here. Suffice to say that I won't be buying any heart-shaped jewelry from Amazon. I am weary of young heiress' who stoop to the depths of self-degradation in order to beg for the public's attention. Unfortunately, I learned this week that these days those sorts of sad stunts work! Oops, I already KNEW that, so that doesn't count.

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