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Friday, September 03, 2004


  Bush Girls Make Classy Comeback

It wasn't a primetime speaking gig, but Jenna and Barbara Bush were looking prim, proper and well behaved last night as their father formally accepted the Republican presidential nomination. Not only were they dressed and coiffed for the occasion, but they acted the part of young, sophisticated college graduates as they joined their parents on stage after their dad's speech.

It must have been horrifying to be thrust into the national spotlight without proper training or speaking material. I bet the girls and their parents have learned a few valuable lessons from their less-than-successful inaugural foray into the national spotlight. You know, at the end of the day they are still just two young twenty-somethings with two parents who are trying to help them make their way in the world.

As I watched the girls last night, I thought of a few lessons that we could all learn from their experience Tuesday night:

1) Set yourself up for success by being prepared, looking your best and knowing what's expected of you. If you're not confident that you're prepared, wait until you are.

2) When you fall on your face, don't wait for others to rescue you. Get up, dust off, figure out which rocks you tripped over, move them out of your path, and keep on going.

3) Second (and third) opinions are a good thing.

4) Your father's spin doctors won't always know the right thing to say. When in doubt, use common sense.

5) Grandmothers who will head up your damage control spin unit while you drown your sorrows at the neighborhood watering hole deserve your respect.

6) You might as well be the first to laugh at yourself. It steals the thunder from those who would laugh the loudest if you beat them to the punch.

7) A smile, a bit of charm, some common sense, and a healthy dose of self-deprecating humor will serve you well when you're in recovery mode.

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