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Wednesday, September 01, 2004


  Milestones and Maternal Urges

I have a friend who had two children when she was in her 20's and then, at age 41, decided she wanted to have "just one more". I never second-guessed her decision and have coveted that adorable baby on more than one occasion, though I could never relate to her sudden change of heart...until today.

It happened in Aisle 9 of the grocery store. As I was shopping, I remembered that my son had asked me to buy him some deodorant. He's nine, he needs the deodorant, I am thrilled that he's anxious to use it, and I am certain the gesture will be appreciated by many others, as well. However, the simple act of choosing deodorant for my little boy became an emotional event for which I was totally unprepared.

I think that mothers of girls go through this when they pick out their daughter's first bra. A friend of mine told me that the two hardest milestones for her were picking out the first bra and taking her daughter to college! For me, smelling the different "manly man" smells as I tried to choose the right scent for a 9 year old was just too much. I must not be ready for my little boy to grow up because as I tossed the Arm & Hammer deodorant into my cart, tears came to my eyes and I had an undeniable urge to have another baby! Crossing my fingers THAT passes! At the rate guys go through deodorant and shaving cream, our family could double in size before I get my two sons off to college.

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