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Friday, October 01, 2004


  La Petite Coquette: What They Wear Under "There"

Ever wondered what your favorite celebs are wearing under their slinky designer duds? La Petite Coquette is willing to tell you! You can click here and go to the La Petite Coquette Star Gallery, where you can click on your favorite celebrity's photo and check out which unmentionables they've purchased recently. I think it's a bit odd that this info would be "out there", but I am a bit intrigued by Renee' Zellwegger's favorite breast enhancers (okay, I admit it--I really just want to have a pair on my desk to squeeze and squish when I'm stressed) and those self-adhesive strapless, backless bras. Cool!

But the best part is the "Before and After" page that helps you solve all of those nagging bra issues, like straps that fall off of your shoulders (my issue) and bras that create "back rolls" (yuck!). So check it out!

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