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Sunday, October 03, 2004


  The Good, The Bad...And The Downright Atrocious!

Since most of last week ran away without me, I never got around to posting many of the pics that I downloaded to share. Last week actually a fabulous week for fashion and style, with the Spring 2005 lines coming out in NYC and the emergence of the new, more elegant fall fashion that followed some of the cooler temps all over the country. However, there were also some frightening sights in today's NYT Fashion Report. What a juxtaposition!

For instance, last week I downloaded this:

Photo Courtesy of The New York Times

If you click on the photo so that you can see the details, you will note that it represents very clearly what's good AND what's bad in skirt styles these days (not to mention what's good and bad in women's taste in what's appropriate for them personally). For instance, the skirt at the top right is too die for. Morning, afternoon or evening--it's always right. Ditto many of the others, including the woman in the black and green at the lower left, the pink skirt at lower center left, and the peach skirt on the lower right.

Then, they had to counter the "Hits" with the "TRAGIC MISSES" including the woman at bottom center who seems to be wearing a parachute and the woman third from the bottom right who seemingly threw on her pre-teen daughter's middy dress.

However, these poor women were saved from further embarrassment by this week's entries in the "What Were You THINKING" fashion parade.

Photo Courtesy of The New York Times

I think these people will quickly wipe away any memories of last week's "Could've been right, but went so wrong" fashions. They were obviously looking for attention. I think they've gotten it. Hope we can "mind swipe" and move on.

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