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Friday, October 08, 2004


  Dear Annie, Good for You! (and bad for me...)

Dear Annie,

With regard to this post (and another more detailed one elsewhere)...

First just let me say that I had your morning Diet Coke FOR YOU this morning. I had one for ME, as well. You see, it's ALL YOUR FAULT that I was up until 4am doing my work, which made the two Diet Cokes an absolute necessity. You've introduced me around, been a great friend and now it's taking both of our daily caffeine rations to keep me functional! (I think this is the cyber equivalent of introducing the new girl around town and then keeping your head on straight while she loses hers!)

First, you introduced me to BlogShares which kept me quite busy last night (trying to shore up the blogs of my friends whom a certain player keeps buying into and then dumping, making their values crash--I don't GET that, especially since "player" knows "the friends", too!). I figure that someone randomly handed me $2 million Blog dollars--I might as well put it to good use. All for the sake of my friends, of course!

Then, of course, you introduced me to MindSay which, like Sass (whom YOU introduced me to), I SWORE I wasn't going to get dragged into. I caved (like Sass) while waiting for BlogShare transaction times to pass last night. Sure, I could have chosen to work instead, but I felt compelled to review the latest JibJab for my friends so that they wouldn't waste their good work time on it like I had. Once again, just lookin' out for my friends....

And, of course, you and the rest of the crew have SHAMED me to get back to blogging since you have all been so stellar while I was putting out other fires on the school and work fronts and neglecting my blog. After
Rubber Duckie (YOUR intro)published her mushy gush on MindSay AND publicly challenged me to dump mine out there as well, I felt obligated to finish and post this.

Then, JCanuck charmed us all with her fascinating discussion regarding the first thing that men check out every morning (and, no, it's not "us"...). I even felt obligated to reply. Having been part of a similar conversation with some guy friends in college, I had some institutional knowledge that she wasn't just blowing smoke. It's always good to have a seconding voice, I think.

Not to mention that, somewhere along the way, I read something that made me run to Rance (once again, YOUR intro) and spend entirely too much time reading comments and psychoanalyzing a few of the "players" there. (Which, by the way, kept me awake even after I went to bed!)

AND, as if THAT weren't enough, you kept updating your blog, which made the "Update" alert on my blog go a-twitter, which made my curiosity level soar and forced me to keep coming back to your site for more of this...

All of this while I was supposed to be finishing six hand-embroidered handkerchiefs for a client's wedding. By the way, did you know that, as great as we are at multi-tasking, it is virtually impossible to type and embroider at the same time?

So you see, it is really all YOUR fault that I was too tired to get dressed this morning and had to take my children to the bus stop barefoot and in my bathrobe. (YES, I drove! Besides, even if I had been presentable, I was too tired to walk...)

Which means that it must also be your fault that I was so tired that I needed BOTH of our Diet Cokes just to stay awake long enough to finish these hankies that will be picked up this afternoon.

Which makes me think that, as much as I adore you... (and any personal responsibility aside...), you may be bad for my health! Unlike you and your beloved Diet Coke, I am not willing to dump you cold turkey. But could we perhaps work out a deal where, when I'm working on a deadline, you and all of your fascinating cronies simply go to bed early? I'm willing to work with you here....

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